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Cute Cats Gather in “Neko Atsume no Ie” Upcoming Movie of Kitty Collector Game App

Neko Atsume, the popular smart-phone kitty collector game app has been a hot topic surpassing over 19 million downloads worldwide. The game which allows players to enjoy watching cats that wander into your room or garden has been popular not only in Japan but worldwide. In response to the popularity of the game across country borders, the game is currently available in an English version as well.

The appeal of Neko Atsume is how players can arrange the placement of foods and cat toys to attract more cute cats to come and play in your room or garden. It is a mellow game that allows viewers to simply enjoy the company of a bunch of cute cats gathering but it may be that the very relaxing vibe of the game was what indeed grasped the attention of players worldwide.


Neko Atsume to Become a Live Action Movie!

Today we are introducing the movie “Neko Atsume no Ie” (literal translation “House of Cat Collecting”) to be released in Japan on April 8th 2017. The worldly popular game app “Neko Atsume” will come to the big screen as a live action movie.

There may be some of you who are wondering how that app “Neko Atsume” can be made into a live action film, but we can say for certain that there should be many fluffy and cute cats appearing in the movie!

The director is Masatoshi Kurataka, who made his directorial debut in “Railways: Ai o Tsutaerare nai Otona-Tachi e” (2011). It was finalized as a heartwarming piece depicting the delicate emotional changes of the main character despite lack of large incidents occurring in the movie. 


“Neko Atsume no Ie” Synopsis

The main character is a novelist Sakumoto, who is in a career slump. Seeking a change in his life, he moves to a country house which is an old house in a slow and relaxed environment.

Sakumoto, feeling disconsolate from having lost confidence as a writer, one day meets a cat who happens to wander into the yard.

Sakumoto starts to become interested in cats from his meeting with the certain cat. From that day on, his days of “Neko Atsume” or “cat collecting” begins. What emotional changes does Sakumoto feel and what changes occur to Sakumoto as he tryies to build a yard to attract the carefree cats?



1. Main Character: Masaru Sakumoto (Played by actor Atsushi Ito)

He is a novelist who is facing writers’ block. 

He moves to the country seeking a change.

There he has a fateful encounter with the cats, which largely changes his life.

2. Heroine: Michiru Towada (Played by Actress Shiori Kutsuna)

She is the editor in charge of novelist Masaru Sakumoto.

Sakumoto has always been there at the turning point of her life… and what does this signify!?

3. Chahachi-san/ Cocoa


4. Kuroneko-san/ Smokey


5. Sabatora-san/ Misty



Movie Releases April 8th 2017!

“Neko Atsume no Ie”, is being released as a live action movie based on the game app. The cats in the game are cute of course, but the nonchalant attitudes and cute actions of the actual cats that are not depicted as anime cartoon characters should for sure appeal to the hearts of movie-goers.

The cats play an “essential part” in providing moral support for the main character Sakumoto and bringing about a big change in his life. It is intriguing to know what kind of relation him and the cats will build, but another intriguing point is how the game “Neko Atsume” and the movie “Neko Atsume no Ie” will link back to each other.


It is fresh in our memories that the Japanese animated movie “Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name” became a huge hit around the world. Will the popularity of cats in recent years help boost the “Neko Atsume no Ie” movie to popularity as well? We can’t take our eyes off what is to come with this movie.

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