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Cute Restaurant in Osaka: “Shaun the Sheep Café” from the British Short Anime

“Shaun the Sheep” is a short anime produced by Aardman Animations of England. Shaun is a young male sheep in the sheep ranch and a leader full of curiosity. The anime depicts their success and failure with laughter and tears.

The anime has aired in Japan on the educational channel of NHK. In 2015 Shaun the Sheep the Movie (Japanese title: Hitsuji no Shaun: Back to the Home ) was screened in Japan and it further fueled the popularity. Both kids and adults love the anime.


“Shaun the Sheep Café”

Writer’s Photo

Shaun the Sheep has jumped out of the screen in July 2015, and its themed café was opened in Minamisenba in the bull’s eye of Osaka City. Now let us go into the café!

Writer’s Photo: Flock of sheep on the second floor wall of the restaurant

Writer’s Photo: Sheep in panels on the third floor

If you are a fan of Shaun the Sheep or anything cute, you will be entranced just by putting yourself in this space. But this is a café here, so let’s order food. I am really looking forward to this!

Writer’s Photo: Table settings

When I arrived at the table, I found a bunch of sheep on the place mat and there were more on the oshibori towel, too. All the dishes on the menu also feature the anime characters, and I was lost at what to order. After much dithering I ordered “Shaun’s ground steak and white curry”.

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

As I continued eating, Shaun’s face appeared beneath the food! (Sorry, the photo is a little messy as I was in the middle of eating food.)

Even if you are not a huge fan of Shaun the Sheep, both adults and children were very satisfied at Shaun the Sheep Café surrounded by cute sheep.

The café also sells sweets and themed goods and you can try them, too.

And the café changes into “Shari-no-pakupaku-pakuchi by Bar Shirley” from 6 PM to serve various dishes with pakuchi (Thai coriander) and alcohol. You can enjoy a different atmosphere from that of the café (you can order from the café menu, too).

<Shaun the Sheep Café>Map
Access: Take subway Midosuji Line from subway Umeda Station and transfer at Shinsaibashi Station to subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line. Get off at Nagahoribashi Station and walk for two minutes.
Business Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM
*By reservation only on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that the restaurant is closed on irregular days.


“Shaun the Sheep Café” ANNEX

Writer’s Photo

This is another store of the Shaun the Sheep in Minamisenba, and this one is for takeout only. It’s only 3 stations away by subway from the café, so you can drop by to get a souvenir on the way back, too.

The sweets sold at this store are also so adorable that they are irresistible for fans of Shaun the Sheep. And best of all, a feature of the sweets they offer is that they are low in carbohydrates. This is great news for ladies who are watching calories.

They reduce carbohydrate content by using non caloric artificial sweetener called “Pal Sweet” instead of sugar and almond and soybean flour instead of wheat flour. I heard they built the takeout-only shop deliberately away from the Shaun the Sheep Café in order to prevent contamination of raw materials in the production process.

Writer’s Photo

When you look closely at the sweets, each of them looks like this.

Writer’s Photo

Pudding, chocolate cake, coffee jelly are all contained in jars, and Shaun’s face made of chocolate is perched on top of each!

Writer’s Photo

And these jars are so lovable that I get excited just thinking how I would use these jars after eating the contents!

Writer’s Photo

This is how the takeout box looks.

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

I felt soothed looking at lovable sheep sitting demurely in the store.

<Shaun the Sheep ANNEX>Map
Access: Take JR Outer Loop from JR Osaka Station and get off at Tamatsukuri Station. The Annex is right outside of the station.
If you are coming from Shaun the Sheep Café, take subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line from Nagahoribashi Station and get off at Tamatsukuri Station, the third station. Walk 3 minutes.
Business Hours: Opens at 12 PM (Closes when sweets are sold out, and the number is limited.)
Closed Mondays


Finally let me share limited-time information.
“Shaun the Sheep” exhibition has been making a round in the country, commemorating the 40th anniversary since the foundation of Aardman Animations. In the Kansai region, it is held on the 4th floor of Wing Building of Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store between December 26, 2016 and January 17, 2017.

Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store – Wing Building, Map
Take JR Outer Loop from JR Osaka Station, get off at Tennoji Station, and walk for 7 minutes.
Or take subway Midosuji Line from subway Umeda Station, get off at Tennoji Station, and walk for 5 minutes.

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