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Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) Cafe: Anime Movie Themed Cafe in Ikebukuro Tokyo!

The anime movie “Kimi no Na wa” or “Your Name” has been showing worldwide and it’s a smash hit. It is scheduled to open next in Korea, and the existing signs seem to indicate another big hit, too. As of 9 AM on January 4, 2017, the rate of advance ticket sales has recorded 28.5%, which is higher than the rate obtained by the all-time box office top revenue movie in Korea.

Riding on such tailwinds, they decided to open “Café: Your Name” at Ikebukuro PARCO in Tokyo between January 7 and February 7 in Japan. From January 27 through April 3, the themed cafés are planned to open in Nagoya PARCO in Aichi Prefecture, Osaka, Miyagi, Sendai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka PARCO one after another.

These cafés are said to offer food and beverages related to scenes in the movie and visitors can receive original luncheon mats, too.

If you are in Japan during this period, I am sure you are definitely going to visit the café!


Special Food Menu

Breakfasts at Tachibana family and Miyamizu family

Taki and Mitsuha, the main characters in the story ate these breakfasts. Visit the café and find out for yourself which breakfast you will get served!

These are sandwiches made with egg salad and croquettes that Taki received from his classmates Tsukasa and Takagi at his high school.

I wonder how it tastes. I am really curious about this dish!

This is a ramen dish at “Yoshino”, the ramen shop Taki dropped by on his way to meet Mitsuha.

This onigiri rice balls were made by the Mr. Shopkeeper for Taki when he was going to the mountain. I wonder what fillings are in them!?


Special Beverage Menu

Taki wrote in his notebook “Who are you?” and his writing was reproduced on a cup of latte. Please answer the latte question with your own name and see what happens!

These sodas are designed to express images of Taki and Mitsuha at dusk when they met. Select your favorite character from Taki and Mitsuha and enjoy the drink!

This drink is expressing the image of falling comets in the clear night sky. It is a mixture of soda, ice cream, and jello, and it looks very pretty, too!


Special Dessert Menu

In the movie Taki and his friends Tsukasa and Takagi were eating this pancake at a café they frequented. It must be irresistible for people with a sweet tooth!

It even reproduces the cellular phone with Japanese wafers; this is an item which Taki (Mitsuha) used to take a photo of the dish when they were swapping their bodies. It is such a faithful reproduction that I hope you order and see it, too!

Both Taki and Mitsuha looked up at the night sky with falling comets, and the view is reproduced in this dessert plate. It expresses the image of clouds and stars with mousse, ice cream and dry ice.

Don’t you find it stylish and somewhat romantic?


Limited Edition Collectibles

These mugs feature Taki and Mitsuha, and maybe ideal for a couple!

These are smartphone cases for iPhone6 & 7. There are 6 kinds in total, and how about picking up your favorite one and making it your new case?

These are key rings and they also have 6 kinds in total. They are great for your pencil cases, bags or keys!

There are a lot more menu items and limited edition collectibles that I haven’t been able to cover here. Please visit the café and discover them yourself!

<Ikebukuro PARCO> on the 7th Floor of the main building
Access: One minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station, Map

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