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Simple Tips on Enjoying Japanese Green Tea at Home

In Japan, people have enjoyed drinking tea from long ago.

When we mention traditional tea, many of you may picture the matcha green tea used in tea ceremonies. However, the tea that is enjoyed in the average Japanese household after a meal is not matcha.

In a tea ceremony, there are detailed rules and methods, but brewing and drinking tea at home is something learned through watching parents or grandparents making them since we were little children. The tea ceremony is a distinguished aspect of Japanese culture, but the tea that is enjoyed daily is much simpler for anyone to enjoy.


Teaware “Yunomi” Tea Cups

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If you use Japanese tea cups that are called yunomi as your teaware when you drink Japanese tea, you can get a more authentic feeling of drinking Japanese tea and the tea should taste more flavorful.

In Japan, some people use a special yunomi as their own (calling them “my yunomi”), and it is not rare for people to cherishingly use their own cup for long periods of time. As for the teapot, it is sometimes said that this is a utensil that is “cultivated through continued use”.

Additionally, with teacups and teapots, you can find casual to authentic ones with varieties in shapes and material. We encourage you to find a favorite to enjoy Japanese tea at home.

Below are some major types of yunomi.

1. Porcelain Yunomi

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Porcelain yunomi which are smooth to the touch and often thin, are very elegant. It is often used when entertaining guests.

There are some that have glass decoration on the surface, which are very suited for drinking cold tea. There are many varieties in shapes such as bowl shaped or cylindrical.

2. Ceramic Yunomi

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Ceramic yunomi is a bit heavy and the texture of clay feels comforting and warm. This style is relatively for daily use.

Most are often cylindrical in shape and it is recommended for times when you want to drink a large amount of tea.

Furthermore, because of the thickness of the ceramic, it does not transfer much heat making it easy to drink even if the tea is very hot. Its characteristic is also that it keeps the tea from getting cold easily.

3. Glass or Mug Style Yunomi

Recently, we see glass yunomi as well. It comes with a handle so if you are seeking something easy to drink out of, then this is the one that is recommended.


Once you have prepared the teaware and are ready to brew Japanese tea, let’s actually try brewing tea. How much do you know about brewing a good cup of Japanese tea?

Easy Tips on Brewing Delicious Japanese Green Tea at Home

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