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Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo Based On Location, Taste and Price

In Japan, the city of Tokyo hosts an extremely large number of sushi restaurants. Those travelling to Japan most certainly stop by Tokyo and visit sushi restaurants to experience authentic Japanese sushi. We would love for you to take advantage of the opportunity and visit one of our recommended delicious sushi restaurants.

With such thoughts in mind, we have created a list starting from 1 to 10 based on 3 factors “location”, “taste” and “price”.

If you do not know which sushi restaurant to dine at, you can certainly refer to this list. 


10. Sushi Dedesuke


tokyo-sushi-restaurant1Photo by tabelog

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seasonal fish that is shipped direct from the source, which is made into sushi to be enjoyed paired with your favorite sake. It is a restaurant that offers all-you-can-eat sushi on weekends and holidays, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy sake and sushi to your heart’s content.

10 seconds from the Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo, Renga Dori Exit.
196 m from Uchisaiwaicho Station. Map


9. Sushi no Midori, Umegaoka Main Building (Ginza Branch)


tokyo-sushi-restaurant2Photo by tabelog

This is a sushi restaurant in Chuo Ward of Ginza. As this sushi restaurant offers sushi at reasonable prices, it starts getting crowded even before 5PM. You are required to get a number ticket at the ticket vending machine within the store and wait in line.

The characteristic of this restaurant is that it offers menu items that you will not see at many other restaurants and that they offer seafood dishes other than sushi using a variety of seafood.

From Ginza Station, take the A2 Exit and walk 4 minutes.
From JR Yurakucho Station, walk 5 minutes.
From JR Shinbashi Station, walk 4 minutes.
395 m from Ginza Station. Map


8. Ryu Zushi


tokyo-sushi-restaurant3Photo by tabelog

It is a famous restaurant within Tsukiji market visited by many. They have an English menu for diners who do not read Japanese, so you do not have to worry about not understanding Japanese.

It is an authentic restaurant where you eat the sushi with your hands as they do not offer chopsticks.

348 m from Tsukijishijo Station. Map


7. Manten Sushi Marunouchi

まんてん鮨 丸の内

tokyo-sushi-restaurant4Photo by tabelog

It is a restaurant that offers the best catch of the day or time. So, if you order the “omakase (chef’s recommendation)” course you will be able to eat the freshest and most delicious sushi the restaurant can offer at that particular time.

It can be quite difficult to get a reservation so it may be better to just walk-in on the day you wish to dine.

From JR Tokyo Station, South Exit, walk 5 minutes.
From JR Yurakucho Station, Kokusai Forum Exit, walk 5 minutes.
From Nijubashimae Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, take the #3 Exit and walk 3 minutes.
178 m from Nijubashimae Station. Map


6. Edogin


tokyo-sushi-restaurant5Photo by tabelog

The restaurant is not very spacious, but it is famous as a great sushi restaurant of the Nerima area.

The restaurant has a good reputation for serving delicious “tamagoyaki (rolled omelet)” other than sushi.

From Nerima Station, walk 3 minutes.
164m from Nerima Station. Map


5. Itoke no Tsubo STAND SUSHI BAR


tokyo-sushi-restaurant6Photo by tabelog

The master and mistress run the restaurant with just the two of them. It is a cozy restaurant of about 12 seats. They use fresh seasonal fish from various parts of Japan. The pricing is not too expensive and is a good restaurant if you want to enjoy taking your time for a nice relaxing meal.

From Hatchobori Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, take the A1 Exit and walk 1 minute.
From Shintomicho Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, walk 3 minutes.
179m from the Hatchobori Station. Map


4. Sushi Dai


tokyo-sushi-restaurant7Photo by tabelog

It is one of the restaurants located in Tsukiji Market Building 6. There are many visitors from overseas and one of the most popular restaurants within the Tsukiji Market. Once a line to get in starts to form, you must be prepared to wait over 2 hours to be served.

You can enjoy fish that is still firm in texture from freshness. If you have the time and patience to wait, it is one sushi restaurant you should visit when you have the chance to visit Tsukiji.

From Tsukiji Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, take the #1 or #2 Exit, walk 10 minutes toward the direction of Central Wholesale Market. 
From Tsukijishijo Station on Toei Oedo Line, take the A1 Exit, walk 3 minutes.
283m from Tsukijishijo Station. Map


3. Hashiguchi


tokyo-sushi-restaurant8Photo by tabelog

The restaurant has a Japanese style aesthetic inside as well as on the exterior of the restaurant and it is a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. The sushi toppings that are served are all of premium quality and their rice is carefully selected as well.

It is the perfect restaurant for those who seek the best quality in the entire dining experience from the atmosphere to the sushi that is served.

From Akasakamitsuke Station, B Exit walk 7 minutes.
443 m from Akasakamitsuke Station. Map


2. Nihonbashi Kagigaracho Sugita

日本橋蛎殻町 すぎた

tokyo-sushi-restaurant9Photo by tabelog

The restaurant only has 9 seats and it is an extremely popular restaurant booked for a long time ahead. It is a luxury restaurant that is high-class in everything such as sushi topping, sake and customer service.

Once you visit this restaurant, it may have you so hooked that you will not want to visit other sushi restaurants.

From Suitengumae Station, #4 Exit walk about 2 minutes.
105m from Suitengumae Station. Map


1. Sushi Saito

鮨 さいとう

tokyo-sushi-restaurant10Photo by tabelog

This is a reservation-only restaurant that has been ranked top place in a famous Japanese website based on user reviews. It is extremely difficult for a first-timer to get a reservation and it would not be an overstatement to say that it is the most difficult restaurant to get a reservation in Tokyo.

If you want to eat the most delicious sushi in Japan, this is the restaurant to visit. It has been awarded Michelin 3 stars for 5 consecutive years and continues to be the top class restaurant in the sushi industry.

From Tameikesanno Station, walk 5 minutes.
From Toranomon Station, walk 8 minutes.
60 m from Roppongi Itchome Station. Map


We have introduced some of our recommended sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

For those of you who just want to eat sushi, you may be more satisfied by a kaiten-sushi (conveyer belt sushi) or an all-you-can-eat menu. If you prefer to eat top quality sushi of Japan or want to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere and food culture in addition to sushi, we suggest you go to a cozy sushi bar that only has counter seating or to Tsukiji.

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