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Anime Movie “Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)”: 6 Real-Life Locations from the Movie

“Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)” produced by director Makoto Shinkai has now become incredibly popular in many countries in the world. And did you know many scenes in the movie were modeled after places mainly in Tokyo and Gifu of Japan?

Gifu prefecture is located in the Chubu region of Japan, and its estimated population is approximately 2 million. Its location is about 2~3 hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen. As Gifu Prefecture has no airport, if you are traveling by air you would have to travel from Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya.

Now let’s turn to the introduction of the locations in Tokyo and Gifu, which were actually used in the movie scenes.  I actually visited the locations myself, and they were very similar to the movie scenes.

*For the people who have not seen the movie yet:
Please note that the following contains parts that may refer to the content of the movie.


1. Shrine Steps where the Main Characters Pass Each Other –Yotsuya, Tokyo

This scene may be the most memorable part for many people. In this scene Taki and Mitsuha pass each other and try calling out on the shrine steps at the end of the movie.

Writer’s Photo

The actual location in a photo looks like this. This place is at Suga Jinja shrine in Yotsuya, Tokyo and it is reproduced quite accurately in the movie scene. Even condominiums and houses are drawn in great detail in the anime.

After this location was used in the movie, apparently many people have visited here, taking photos from the top of the steps.

Exit #3 at Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Yotsuya Sanchome Station. A 6 minute walk thereafter. Information: Map


2. Lunch Date Scene — Roppongi, Tokyo

Here comes the next one. Does this scene look familiar to you?

In this scene Taki and Okudera, a senior staff member at his part-time work place are having lunch together on a date.

Writer’s Photo

It is hard to identify only from the movie scene, but the photo was actually taken in the café of this museum, the National Art Center, Tokyo in Roppongi. This is a very large museum and you can enjoy many different exhibitions.

After many people started coming by learning that this is the place used in “Kimi no Na wa” in addition to other customers the café already had, the place has been quite crowded at some hours of the day.

I wonder which table in this café Taki and Okudera sat at and enjoyed the date.



3. Italian Restaurant where Taki Worked Part-Time — Shinjuku, Tokyo


Writer’s Photo

The restaurant was filled with many customers and looked very popular in the story, and it was quite a popular place in the real world, too. I went to the restaurant around noon, and saw a long line of people waiting.

Writer’s Photo

Inside of the restaurant looks something like this. The staffs’ dress is identical and I felt the inside of the restaurant was almost mirrored in the story, too.

Cafe La Bohéme was used as the model, and while this restaurant has a few branches in Tokyo, the movie used the one in Shinjuku Gyoen for the scene.

Maybe people like Taki and Okudera might be working here.

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station exit. Within a 5 minute walk. Information: Map


4. Sitting at a Bus Stop on a Trip to Find Mitsuha – Hida City, Gifu


Writer’s Photo

The actual bus stop was exactly like the one in the anime, including the mail box, the hut and the signboard. Inside the bus stop a movie poster of “Kimi no Na wa” was put up so that people would recognize this place was used in the movie.

I heard people often come here and take photos, with three people striking poses similar to those in the movie scene.

By the way this place is located in Miyagawacho Ochiai, Hida City Gifu Prefecture.

Information: Map


5. A Train Passes at a Station – Hida City, Gifu

I think this scene also left a strong impression, too.

Writer’s Photo

The model of the scene is this station, JR Hida Furukawa Station.

Again they were exactly alike from the house with a brown roof to the transmission tower in the back. If you come here and you have seen the movie, I bet the same scene will definitely replay in your brain.

Information: Map


6. The Lake in the Story’s “Itomorimachi” — Nagano

I found this large lake actually existed in Nagano Prefecture, the neighboring prefecture of Gifu.

Writer’s Photo

This is Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, and it is a large lake that spans from Suwa City to Okaya City.

It may be easier to see the similarity if we can get an aerial view, but I think this picture shows enough that the reproduction was very close. The lake looks much prettier at night with city lights, and it is a very beautiful view.

Information: Official WebsiteMap


After Finishing the Pilgrimage of “Kimi no Na wa” Movie Locations

How did you like it? There are plenty more places that became models for scenes of the story, and I recommend checking them out as your “Kimi no Na wa Pilgrimage”. There should be other places that are exactly alike in the real world.

There are even taxis in Gifu Prefecture that specialize in tours to go around locations used as models in “Kimi no Na wa”. If you come visiting Gifu for sightseeing, we recommend taking advantage of them. If you are about to go sightseeing in Japan, Gifu Prefecture might be the hot place to visit now!

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