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Japan Travel: A Legend, Thrills and Spectacular Views! Jogasaki Kaigan Coast and Suspension Bridge in Shizuoka

Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides. One of the pleasures of sightseeing is to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood dishes, and yet another is to look at views of the coasts. What kind of coast views would you like to see, views of strong waves breaking against rough jagged rocks or views of quiet waves coming and receding on an endless beach of white sand?

This time I am delivering my report of a stroll on Jogasaki Kaigan coast and Kadowaki Tsuribashi suspension bridge. Jogasaki Kaigan is a rias coast with a total length of 9 km, and it is located on the south side of Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. About 4000 years ago when Omuroyama erupted, lava flowed into the sea. It has been eroded by the ocean since then, resulting in this coast.

Well, let me entertain you with strong and beautiful views of the sea!


Welcome to the Stage of the Sea Where Nature Produces the Shows!

Writer’s Photo

We started the stroll course on the sign board (20 minutes) from the parking area of Izu Shiki-no-Hana Park (Izu Flowers of Four Seasons Park).

Writer’s Photo

The air was fresh on the promenade surrounded by greenery. We advanced while getting excited with expectations for the ocean views up ahead.

Writer’s Photo

Now the prologue of the stroll was the glimpses of the sea through gaps of trees. The sea greeted us in beautiful colors of emerald green and deep blue to our delight. The color of water looked different from place to place, and I gathered it might be related to the depth of water.

Writer’s Photo

The path was well marked and we had no worries of getting lost.

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On the way we found a restroom, too. Considering the fact that the thrill of a suspension bridge is ahead on the path, I recommend taking advantage of the facility.

Writer’s Photo

My feet stopped automatically at finding the sight below my eyes.

Writer’s Photo

When I looked down through a gap of trees, I saw rolling waves, alluring color of emerald-green sea, and roughly carved rocks. I noticed impressive contrast in the view between the straight lines of rocks that firmly receive the waves and the curvy lines of rolling waves. If the wave is a woman, then the rock that catches the wave securely in its arms is a man, so here is a nature’s drama of love!

Writer’s Photo

I also found a place like this where the sea was showing its peaceful face. I suddenly felt that I would like to come here with my husband to see this calm sea together even when I become much older.

Writer’s Photo

At this location the sea was making thunderous sounds every time waves hit the rocky coast as if it were a huge drum. I somehow felt nostalgic at the sound of waves hitting the rocks.


Thrilling Suspension Bridge for the Climax!

Writer’s Photo

Further ahead on the road we saw Jogasaki Suspension Bridge (Kadowaki Suspension Bridge), the climax of the promenade finally appeared!

Kadowaki Suspension Bridge is 48 m in length and 23 m in height, and its construction was completed in March 1968. This is a spot where you can enjoy the vast expansion of the sea in front of you as much as you like, on a thrilling bridge at the same time.

Usually I am pretty acrophobic, but I was having such a great time that the height didn’t bother me.

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

I took a photo through a gap in the bridge. The water looked far more transparent to the naked eyes than what the photo shows.

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

I took a photo through a gap in the bridge. The water looked far more transparent to the naked eyes than what the photo shows.

When I fearfully stretched my neck and looked down below, I saw the rocky coast gullied in to my surprise. I instinctively shouted out in a voice that was one octave higher than usual “Wow! This is s,scary!” Other tourists were acting the same. Even though we were complete strangers, when we looked at each other’s faces, we saw we shared the same feeling of conquering the fear. This kind of thing is also a pleasure of a trip, don’t you think so?


Offering Prayers for Sad Legendary Figures as an Epilogue

Writer’s Photo

There is a place called “Hanshiro Otoshi” on the mountainside when looking from the bridge.

According to a legend, there used to be a loving married couple of Hanshiro and Oyoshi. One day Hanshiro accidentally fell into the sea and died unfortunately. The grief-stricken wife of Oyoshi would come here and cry again and again. Then chrysanthemums resembling to her tears bloomed in this region and villagers started calling this place “Hanshiro Otoshi (the place that dropped Hanshiro)”.

Hearing a sad legend, I could not help but hope that they are living happily together in heaven now. And I felt gratitude for the fact that I had my family and friends to be living together now.


Our stroll this time was as if we were watching dramas on the stage produced by nature. Sightseeing may be somewhat similar to watching a stage show. I would like you to come and watch the stage of nature, too. And when you come, we advise you to come in a pair of comfortable walking shoes!


Izu Shiki-no-Hana Park
Closest Station: From Atami Station use the Ito Line to Ito Station and the Izu Kyuko Line to Izu Kogen Station.
From Izu Kogen Station: About 9 minutes by Tokai Bus
From Izu Kogen Station: About 7 minutes by taxi, Map

Kadowaki Lighthouse & Kadowaki Suspension Bridge
Closest Station: From Jogasaki Kaigan Station on the Izu Kyuko Line, approximately 25 minute walk
Bus Stops: Izu Kaiyo Koen (From Izu Kogen Station, take a bus for Kaiyo Koen. about 10 minutes) Jogasaki-guchi (From Ito Station, take a bus for Kaiyo Koen for about 40 minutes.), Map

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