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Japan’s Best Anime Movie of 2016 “Kimi no Na wa”: 3 Reasons for the Huge Hit

The anime movie “Kimi no Na wa (Your Name.)” has recorded top sales for a whopping 12 successive weeks and it is still renewing the record. This anime has already broken into the third in all-time movie sales in Japan, and it is setting a new record in the Japanese movie industry. The international reputation has been growing in a speed to overtake that of Ghibli’s works.



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Taki is a high school boy living in Tokyo and Mitsuha is a high school girl living in the countryside. One day their bodies are suddenly swapped.

When they wake up, they don’t remember their bodies have been swapped.

But they gradually notice the fact of the swapping through their friends’ reactions and notes they left themselves.

As the swapping continues they start enjoying each other’s lives, sometimes fighting or helping each other overcoming difficulties.


But one day their swapping has completely ceased altogether and they no longer change places.

Then Taki decides to go find Mitsuha and meet her, by drawing pictures based on his memories when he has been in Mitsuha’s body.

He meets a ramen shop worker who tells him that he used to live in the place drawn in Taki’s picture.

And Taki learns an incredible fact at the same time.


Why did the swapping of bodies happen and why did it suddenly stop?

What is the fact hidden in this, and what in the world did Taki find out?


3 Elements Many Viewers of the Movie Raved About

1. The Director, Makoto Shinkai

Makoto Shinkai’s works have been highly acclaimed for quite some time especially for the sheer beauty and subtleties of his pictures.

Though his works are anime, excellent background images in his works almost convince viewers that they are real images.

I am certain hardly anyone in the world can depict background images in anime movies more realistically and beautifully than he does.

Furthermore he expresses the distance between people’s feelings so cleverly that viewers end up getting drawn into the story without realizing it.

2. Cooperation from Ghibli Staff

Many animators and creators of Studio Ghibli have become free with dissolution of its anime production group, and they joined the project of this movie.

Thus this work has had hands of former Ghibli staffs, the top-notch artists in the anime industry.

3. The Storyline Is Easy to Understand

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The settings of the story are relatively easy to understand, and the story is nicely put together in a short length. This clean configuration allows viewers to wish to watch the movie once again with a fresh feeling.


International Reaction

The momentum of this blockbuster movie has not yet shown a sign of slowdown, and it is to be screened in more than 80 countries in the world. In Taiwan, “Kimi no Na wa” has become the top movie in all the Japanese movies released, and it ranked first place in Thailand and Hong Kong, too. Its success was not just in the Asian countries. This work has become the all-time best anime film in box-office revenue and the number of screenings in England and Ireland, too.


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“Kimi no Na wa” is continuing to break many records as an anime movie even now. This work is turning into a social phenomenon not only in Japan but also involving the world. Because this film has originated in Japan, it contains many scenes that introduce Japanese culture and make viewers aware of Japan. Some people may become interested in Japan for the first time by watching this movie, too.

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