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Hidden Treasures of Kyoto: A Chocolatier and Café in Horikawa Shopping Street

When it becomes windy and cold, somehow I crave for sweets. Chocolate is really delicious in a cold winter, I think. So I would like to recommend a chocolate shop in Kyoto that is perfect for the winter, and a café, too.

One charm of Kyoto is that it has many attractive stores even outside of the central district. The two stores I introduce this time are located in Horikawa Shopping Street, which is a short distance away from the center of Kyoto.


A Suddenly Appeared Nova in the Chocolate Industry

This chocolate shop appeared in Horikawa Shopping Street in Kyoto under the name of “New Standard Chocolate Kyoto by Kuon”. The store opened in 2014 after renovating a closed shop on the street. Even though its history is rather short, several magazines and Internet media have already featured this store in their reports and it periodically operates pop-up shops in department stores, too.

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

The store is relatively small, but it is filled with a sense of spaciousness. The product line includes unique and unusual items that cannot be found easily at other stores, such as chocolate covered dry fruit and roasted green tea chocolate. These various types of chocolate products are all handmade within the kitchen of the store.

The biggest characteristics of their products are without doubt the smoothness of the chocolate and the ingenious ideas! The chocolate melts in the mouth warmed by the body temperature and it is so creamy that it is almost addictive. Another big point is that the store uses unique ingredients of Kyoto.

The product design offers a wide variety too, ranging from adorably shaped packages to casual wrappings, and if you buy them for a souvenir, no doubt they will be a great hit!

Writer’s Photo

I am addicted to the almond chocolate here, and I’ve bought them many times already. They have many appealing flavors including strawberry and matcha green tea in addition to the plain almond chocolate.

Information: Map


“Kyogoku Dining” Right Next to the Chocolatier

Next to “Kuon” that I have just described, there is a café called “Kyogoku Dining”, and the chocolate is sold there, too. When you get tired from walking in Horikawa Shopping Street, this is a great place to take a break in. The café also serves alcohol, so you can visit there for a drink, too.

Writer’s Photo

The signboard is eye-catching and it was used in the Horikawa Shopping District long time ago.

Writer’s Photo

The sumptuous lunch is only 850 yen with free refills of rice and miso soup! In Kyoto the prices are a little bit high in the central area, but when you walk a little, you can find stores with this kind of great deals! The demi-glace sauce was rich and delicious.  Because the prices are affordable, many local residents appear to come for lunch frequently, too. 

Writer’s Photo

Dessert was modestly sweet, and easy-to-eat items were plentiful on the menu.

Information: Map


Local Shopping Street Offers Fun Experience Different from Mainstream Places

It’s just a shopping street, but you never know what you can find. Local shopping streets are packed with characteristics and charms that are unique to the particular locality. Of course the fact that you can casually enjoy shopping is an important aspect, too.

Major tourist destinations such as Nishiki Ichiba market and Kiyomizu-dera temple are great without doubt, but please take a look at places like Horikawa Shopping Street we have introduced this time. You might discover a special treasure of a store that other people are not aware of.

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