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Anime “Izetta: The Last Witch”: Young Witch’s Battle is Heating Up Now!

In October 2016, TV anime series “Izetta: The Last Witch”, directed by Masaya Fujimori has started broadcasting!

In this anime, the main character is a girl who is a witch. Speaking of witches we immediately imagine a witch on a broom, but this girl rides on a machine gun instead of a broom♪

This time we are introducing “Izetta: The Last Witch”, an anime series that depicts a story of people resisting against a military superpower. Being full of fresh daring images, it’s the hottest new anime now.



The time is in the 1940s, and the military superpower country, Germania has been occupying neighboring countries one after another, using modern weapons such as tanks and fighter planes. Finally Germania is about to occupy a small country called Eylstadt. Princess Finé of Eylstadt travels to the neighboring country to request for reinforcement, however Germania anticipates this and Finé ends up getting captured.

Finé manages to escape from the enemy’s restraint, thanks to the great feat of Izetta, and the two decide to flee to Eylstadt.

Learning that Finé’s country Eylstadt has been invaded by Germania, Izetta decides to stand up against Germania for Finé, using her magical power. Izetta has become honored as the White Witch by soldiers and citizens of Eylstadt through her remarkable contributions in the battle.

Eylstadt makes a strategic move to flaunt Izetta the White Witch extensively to the world by using mass media. What strategy is Germania plotting to counter and attack the White Witch? And what will happen to Izetta?



1. Izetta the White Witch

She is the main character of this story.

A descendent of a witch clan, she is the last witch of the clan.

Once she touches an object by her hand, she can move it freely with her magical power.

When she was small, she was living a wanderer’s life with her grandmother in order to hide her identity as a witch.

She is estimated to be 14~16 years old.

She has a sunny disposition, but slightly shy every now and then.

2. Finé (Ortfiné “Finé” Fredericka von Eylstadt)

Finé is the other main character of this story.

She is a princess and Lordess of Eylstadt.

Making principled statements yet being kind-hearted, she is loved by her subordinates, vassals and citizens alike.

She still has an old wound in her side, which she received very young in her defense of Izetta from townspeople.

After the Lord of Eylstadt, Finé’s father, has passed away, she succeeded the throne.

3. Otto

He is the Emperor of Germanian Empire.

He has a harsh policy that never forgives failed subordinates and he treats them with cold-hearted penalties such as demotion and relegation.

He has apparently been aware of the existence of witches for quite some time, and plotting to capture and own Izetta the White Witch.


Exciting Points of This Anime

The witch’s magical power in this story is to be able to freely manipulate anything she touches; she can move swords or tanks, whatever she likes by her own will. Furthermore what’s amazing is that she can do so with her bare hands without using a magic wand.

Another point I found awesome is the strength of the female characters in this story. Women have become stronger and more active today in the real world too, but the female characters’ determination to risk their lives for the sake of their master is astonishing and they are like samurai. When I look in their eyes, their staggering strong will directly shakes my heart!

I wonder what’s going to happen to these ladies. Fans are antsy to find out what happens to them and what Germania is up to, and it’s the hottest anime now. Don’t miss out on “Izetta: The Last Witch”!

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