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Goin’ Japanesque!

Shinjuku “BEAMS Japan”: The Best Shop For Made-in Japan Souvenirs! (Inside the Store)

Last time we have introduced basic information about BEAMS, the Japanese company. This time we are strolling in the store, as you’ve been waiting for.

Part 1: Shinjuku “BEAMS Japan”: The Best Shop For Made-in Japan Souvenirs!


Best Products of Japan

Writer’s Photo: BEAMS Japan 1st Floor

Products of the 47 prefectures have been selected and displayed in a wide variety of categories from household products to foods, making visitors feel the traditional Japan and modern Japan. I received the impression of Japan that is not too old or not too new from the entire 1st floor. In addition, special exhibition is held from time to time in the event space.


Aim of Each Floor

The theme of the 2nd floor is “Japanese clothing we boast to the world”, and it displays production technologies and Japanese casual clothing that shows meticulous attention to detail.

On the 3rd floor special-order products line up, manufactured by collaborations between BEAMS and domestic as well as foreign brands. The 4th floor is where you can find products of pop culture to fine arts.

On the 2nd floor you might have found North Face clothing and wondered if it is related to the Japan theme. On behalf of the store staff, let me explain that the answer is hidden in the label color. This is what’s called The North Face Purple Label, and this line of products has enhanced functionality and stylishness, created by collaboration between The North Face and “nanamica”, a select shop in Daikanyama, Tokyo. I heard this label is also popular among The North Face lovers from abroad as being items exclusive to Japan.


“Nippon Saiko no Teshigoto (Best Handmade Products in Japan)”

Among the many labels BEAMS has, “fennica” is a label that aims to bridge between craft and design. In addition to clothing, it sells furniture and household articles produced in many places of the world including Nordic countries.

The directors, Terry Ellis and Keiko Kitamura, were originally London-based buyers. As they expanded their interest from fashion to interior design, they met a leading interior designer of the 20th century, Munemichi Yanagi (also known as Sori Yanagi). They have been attracted to handmade products of Japan as they visited craft makers around the nation, and now they are making a new proposal to incorporate craft into modern life. You can learn more about their activities by their recent publication of “Nippon Saiko no Teshigoto (Best Handmade Products in Japan)”. 

Writer’s Photo: BEAMS Japan 5th Floor

For those who are into fashion, BEAMS in Harajuku is a hot spot and I hear many international tourists visit there, too. I also recommend the fennica on the 5th floor of Shinjuku BEAMS Japan for its nice floor layout design, where you can relax and choose what you like.

Writer’s Photo: BEAMS Japan 5th Floor, Masaaki Shibata’s crafts

Masaaki Shibata is a leading Japanese artist of slipware, a type of pottery identified with its decorating process. His works are hardly available outside of his exhibitions, but the 5th floor of BEAMS Japan here always has his works available for sale. The floor also offers his disciples’ works, potteries from various locations in Japan including Shussai, dyed fabrics, kokeshi dolls and Japanese paper products.


Craft Grill of Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Kundo Koyama is a scriptwriter and general advisor of BEAMS Japan, and he supervised the design of this restaurant. As Japanese food is not limited to traditional Japanese dishes, this restaurant focuses on western food made in Japan. The restaurant looked comfortably fit to the atmosphere of the entire building.

Writer’s Photo: Soup and salad

Writer’s Photo: Shinjuku Hyakunen (100 year) Curry

Nikko Kanaya Hotel was founded in 1873, and this curry is prepared according to their recipe from the Taisho Period (1912-1926). It has deep and complex flavor with a hint of fruity sweet taste. You can choose from 4 different kinds of rice and deep fried beef fillet is added on the side.


Sarutahiko Coffee


Writer’s Photo: BEAMS Japan 1st Floor

This coffee specialty shop has its main store in Ebisu, Tokyo. The shop has a coffee counter that can be used from both inside and outside of the store, and it offers “Japan Blend” created exclusively for this store only. This coffee had a light aftertaste.

Writer’s Photo: Sarutahiko Coffee seen from the outside

Takeout is available from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM.


We have had a quick look at Shinjuku BEAMS Japan, and it is a commercial facility that allows you to feel modern Japan’s sensitivity. It offers many products that cleverly adopted good old Japanese tradition for today’s needs. When you are looking for a Japanese souvenir, don’t forget stopping by at Shinjuku BEAMS Japan. Information: Map

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