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Shinjuku “BEAMS Japan”: The Best Shop For Made-in Japan Souvenirs!

BEAMS Co., Ltd. has celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, and it opened the new shop “Shinjuku BEAMS Japan” in order to transmit to the world what is most interesting in Japan now. When you visit this store, you will realize that BEAMS being a fashion brand is already an outdated idea. You will hardly notice heavy-handed promotion of history that is common among stores catered for overseas visitors. BEAMS Japan represents Japan, which is not too old or too new.



Writer’s Photo: Front View of BEAMS Japan

BEAMS is undoubtedly a forerunner of select shops in Japan. Select shops’ main characteristic is importing and selling clothing and general merchandise based on their own unique selection. BEAMS first succeeded in importing casual fashion products of America’s West Coast, and then started producing and selling merchandise under their own original brand. Since the 1980s its name has become so popular that any fashion-conscious Japanese knows about it.


BEAMS Japan “Appare Nippon”

BEAMS has opened BEAMS Japan in Shinjuku 3-chome on April 28, 2016. The store occupies from the B-1 to the 5th floor of the building, and even the 6th and 7th floor offer their men’s fashion items. BEAMS Japan aims to shed light on Japanese sensitivity and value, as the company name of BEAMS means light. “Appare Nippon (Well Done, Japan!)” is the key concept of this project. Each floor displays Japanese products ranging from traditional, standard to subcultural that Japan can proudly present.

Writer’s Photo: On the opening day of BEAMS Japan

On the day the store opened this spring, there was a long line formed on the side of the building around noon. I was surprised at this and wondered if I would have to join the line just to enter the store. But the line was apparently for getting limited-edition sneakers, and I was relieved as I could enter the store without waiting in line.

Well then, let’s enter the store right away!

Part 2: Shinjuku “BEAMS Japan”: The Best Shop For Made-in Japan Souvenirs! (Inside the Store)

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