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Three Best Restaurants in Kyoto to Fully Enjoy Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef is one of the three major Japanese beef brands that are known internationally and stand out above other beef brands in Japan. The sophisticated and mellow texture of Kobe Beef comes from the beautifully and finely marbled fat. The intramuscular fat in marbled beef is called “sashi” in Japanese and considered to determine the quality of beef. There are many celebrities within and outside Japan who are attracted to the exquisite taste of Kobe Beef.

In Japan, people enjoy beef not only grilled but also cooked in various other styles and there are different ways to taste and enjoy beef. Title photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Here, we are introducing to you some of the best restaurants that serve top quality Kobe Beef dishes in Kyoto, the place filled with genuinely Japanese atmosphere as the traditional center of Japanese culture.


For those who are looking to enjoy delicious and meaty steak

1. Ganso Teppanyaki Steak Misono, Kyoto Branch

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Founded in 1945, Misono is a long-established restaurant that first used the word “teppanyaki,” which is now commonly used to describe a style of grill-cooking various ingredients on an iron plate. Misono is a very popular restaurant chain with its main branch in Kobe. Other than the Kyoto Branch which opened in 1982, there are currently other branches in Osaka, Ginza, Shinjuku as well.

They offer Kobe Beef and other carefully selected top quality Japanese wagyu beef from around Japan and boast skilled chefs who can bring the best taste out of beef with such a simple yet deep cooking method as grilling. They pay meticulous care to not only the quality of meat but also that of all other ingredients such as vegetables, rice and even seasonings and pursue ultimate deliciousness.

It is also fun to watch the chefs cooking your dishes on the iron plate right in front of you.

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Want to enjoy the refreshing aftertaste of meat immersed in dashi broth in “shabushabu” and the perfect combination of sweet broth-soaked meat and egg in“sukiyaki”?

2. Shabuzen, Kyoto Gion Branch

Photo by flickr

Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish in which thinly sliced meat and vegetables are grilled or boiled in a shallow pan with sweet broth called “warishita.” Ingredients that have soaked up the flavors of the warishita are enjoyed dipped in raw beaten egg. It is one of the most popular dishes in Japan.

Shabushabu is a Japanese hot-pot dish which features paper-thin slices of meat that are immersed for a few seconds in a boiling broth then dipped into a sauce to enjoy.

Shabuzen, Kyoto Gion Branch is a restaurant that specializes in shabushabu and also serves kaiseki (Japanese traditional course dishes) made with local ingredients from Kyoto. Delicious taste will spread in your palate as you eat meat immersed in dashi broth, and then dipped in special sesame sauce or ponzu citrus sauce that are made with a special secret recipe and have condensed flavor of the ingredients. They have a variety of shabushabu courses, each of which features Kobe Beef, other Japanese brand beef, pork, crab, blowfish and other seafood. This is a perfect place to fully enjoy shabushabu.

Although they are a restaurant that specializes in shabushabu, you can also enjoy meat and vegetables in sukiyaki style here. The flexibility they offer here is rare for a restaurant that specializes in shabushabu. Other than the Kyoto branch, Shabuzen also has many branches nationwide from north-east Japan to Kyushu.

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Enjoy a beef dish of exquisite quality in an unusual space filled with Japanese atmosphere.


Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

ITOH DINING is a restaurant housed in an impressive, several decades old traditional Japanese townhouse located on the river. The great feature here is not only the quality of dishes made with carefully selected ingredients such as Kobe Beef, vegetables from Kyoto and seafood but also the dining space furnished with elaborately designed lighting fixtures and other furnishings and filled with an authentic Japanese atmosphere. The restaurant allows you to enjoy dishes of exquisite quality in a sophisticated space with both retro and modern sensibility.

If you ever visit here on your trip to Kyoto, you will surely be able to spend an unforgettable night of dining. Make sure to include it in your wish list of restaurants to visit.

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Visiting Kyoto, where the Japanese tradition still lives on, and enjoying top quality Japanese beef in various styles of dishes in Kyoto can be one of the most luxurious experiences you could have in Japan. If you ever have a chance to visit Kyoto, throw yourself into a variety of dining cultures in the area and fully enjoy your trip through Japan.

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