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Kyoto’s Delicious Bakery “Le Petit Mec”, A Must Try

There are perhaps many of you who associate “Kyoto and washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine)” and think that “it is more likely that porridge or white rice is served for breakfast”. On the contrary however, the amount of bread Kyoto consumes annually has ranked #1 in 2014 and #2 in 2015. They rank very high in the list every year. (In fact for 2015, the #1 consumer of bread was Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe), which is understandable as it is an area with a lot of western influence).

Many restaurants and hotels in Kyoto are famous for serving “Japanese style breakfast” and there are also many traditional restaurants with history. However, as for the local Kyoto residents, there are more families eating bread for breakfast than you would think.

For this reason, Kyoto is also famous for having many delicious bakeries. Among them, one that is getting a lot of attention is the “Le Petit Mec” in Imadegawa of Nishijin District in Kyoto.

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For this reason, Kyoto is also famous for having many delicious bakeries. Among them, one that is getting a lot of attention is the “Le Petit Mec” in Imadegawa of Nishijin District in Kyoto.

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From hard rustic style breads to…

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Tarts and savory rolls! There is a wide variety.

Croque-monsieur and other breads with cheese inside are popular so it is rare that there is any left by the afternoon.

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The sandwiches in particular are delicious so we would encourage you to try them. Fresh vegetables and homemade pâté are sandwiched in the tasty bread they bake in-house. It seems there are many kinds that use simple ingredients.

The flavors are genuine and the basic baguette is very delicious. You can fully taste the toasty aroma of the wheat and the hearty and satisfying texture when you bite in; it really reminds you of the authentic French baguette. You can’t miss on the unique savory rolls as well.

The assurance that any time you go, you can have delicious bread; this sense of guarantee must be the secret to their popularity. 

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You can’t help but be envious of the neighbors being able to eat delicious bread every day. However, the main Imadegawa branch of Le Petit Mec is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays. They are closed from Monday to Thursday! Please make note of this!

For this reason, when the bakery is open, the store is always crowded with customers who are seeking to purchase the not-often seen rare breads.

For those of you travelling from overseas and your itinerary doesn’t align with the store opening dates; does this mean you cannot taste the delicious breads of Le Petit Mac? Please rest assured, they have other branches that are open on weekdays.

Le Petit Mec Oike Branch
Le Petit Mec Kyoto Daimaru Branch
Le Petit Mec OMAKE
These are the 3 branches that are in Kyoto. See here for details.

All 3 locations have different products and atmosphere when compared to the main Imadegawa branch, but every location offers exquisite bread so it is well worth the visit.

Each branch is unique; Oike branch’s specialty is the loaf bread, the Daimaru branch’s are sweet bakeries like donuts, and OMAKE has the “koppe pan” (type of roll similar to a hot dog bun) which is not offered at the other locations.


How about enjoying the atmosphere surrounded by fall foliage or cherry blossoms and trying Kyoto’s best breads?

Official Website: Here for detailed directions.

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