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Longest in Japan! Osaka’s “Tenjimbashi Shopping Street” with an Impressive Torii Arcade

The Tenjimbashi Shopping Street is the longest arcade shopping street in Japan. It is about 2.6 km long and stretches in a north to south direction in Osaka.

The Tenjimbashi Shopping Street consists from 1 Chome (chome is a numbered block) to 7 Chome. Each block is differentiated by calling the 1 Chome shopping street “Ten Ichi (ichi means 1)”, the 2 Chome shopping street “Ten Ni (ni means 2)” and so on. The shopping streets from Ten Ichi to Ten Shichi (shichi means 7) are collectively called the “Tenjimbashi-suji Shotengai” or the Tenjimbashi Shopping Street.



As the shopping street stretches so long, there are many stations along the street. The recommended route is to get off the train at the “Minami-morimachi Station” on the south end and head north toward the “Tenjimbashi-suji 6 Chome Station” or the other way around; start at the “Tenjimbashi-suji 6 Chome Station” and end up at the “Minami-morimachi Station”. This route will take you along the entire stretch of the shopping street so you would be able to enjoy the street from beginning to its end.

When you get off at the Minami-morimachi Station and exit from the 3rd exit, you will be right in the shopping street. To your right, the statue figures of the 2 Chome shopping street will greet you with a warm welcome.

Other than the crosswalks when the Chome changes, there are arcade roofs overhead so you do not have to worry too much about getting wet in the rain. It is a place that is suitable for sightseeing even on a rainy day. Information: Map


Place Where Local Residents and Tourists Mingle

There are about 600 stores crowding the Tenjimbashi Shopping Street. There are stores that offer daily necessities such as food and clothing, and there are also many restaurants and entertainment facilities that line the streets. This creates a unique atmosphere in which the local people living near the shopping street and tourists mingle.

There are daily essentials offered at inexpensive prices. So, it is not uncommon to see tourists buying daily necessities for a bargain, even though the purpose of their visit had not been to stock up on these goods.


Torii Shrine Gate Floating Overhead

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Overhead in the 3 Chome shopping street is a display of a torii or a shrine gate. During the Tenjin Matsuri (festival) held annually at the end of July, there are additional display of lanterns and the entire shopping street has an even more festive mood. At the Tenjin Matsuri, there are floats and dancers that spread excitement throughout the shopping street. It is an event we would love for you to experience if you have the chance to visit Tenjimbashi Shopping Street.


Recommended Sushi Restaurant “Harukoma”


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As for the restaurants in the area, they are all delicious and reasonably priced so it is not rare to see a long line of people waiting to get in, even if it is not during the festival season.

The “Harukoma” is one of the popular restaurants in Tenjimbashi Shopping Street. They serve high quality sushi at a reasonable price so there is always a long line around lunch time.

Other than sushi, there are a wide variety of options on dining such as Chinese, European, pizza, yakiniku (bbq), udon noodles and takoyaki (ball shaped savory snack from Osaka with octopus inside) so you would have something new to try even if you were to visit every day. There are also many cafes so there are plenty of places to take a break past lunch time.


Get Coupons With Good Deals!

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As the Tenjimbashi Shopping Street is a single street that stretches north to south you should not have any problems finding your way around. In the case you are not sure which direction you were heading toward, there is a large map within the arcade so no need to be worried about getting lost. Also, if you connect to the “Osaka Free Wi-Fi” you can get coupons that can be used for good deals at restaurants which should make your sightseeing trip even more exciting.

If you have the chance to visit Osaka, we would love for you to include the longest shopping street in Japan to your travel itinerary.

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