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Perfect for Souvenirs: 8 Cheap Yet High-Quality Ball Point Pens from Japan

There are countless stationaries in the world. Japanese stationaries are popular all over the world for their various selections and highly practical functions. Here we listed our highly recommended ballpoint pens.

A lot of manufacturers keep improving and selling a variety of ballpoint pens. They boast comfortable writing performance and are reasonably priced at just a few hundred yen. Title photo by flickr


1. Jetstream

Mitsubishi Pencil Co.,Ltd.

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I can recall that when I first used Jetstream, I was amazed by its smooth writing performance compared to other pens I had ever used.  Not only can you write smoothly and firmly with it, but also the ink dries instantly.


2. Surari

Zebra Co., Ltd.

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The world’s first ballpoint pen that uses “emulsion ink”, which has the combination of the firm writing performance of oil-based pens and light writing performance of water-based pens. You can enjoy a smooth and light writing experience.


3. Acroball

Pilot Corporation

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It is equipped with the newly-developed low-viscosity water-resistant “Acro-ink”. The rubber-grip enables a firm grip and secures the fingers in place, preventing the fingers from slipping and allowing for a comfortable writing performance.


4. Vicuna

Pentel Co., Ltd.

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Smooth writing performance with extremely low viscosity “Vicuna ink”. It adopts the distinctive fingerprint-pitch for the handgrip that makes writing more comfortable.


5. Opt

Pilot Corporation

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The most distinctive feature of this product is that it is available in selection in the colors and designs of the body. It is fun as it allows the user to express oneself. Sturdy metal spring clip comes handy when carrying with notebooks or bags.


6. Hybrid

Pentel Co., Ltd.

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It benefits from the advantages of both water and oil based pens, hence the name “Hybrid”. As well as its light and smooth writing performance, the affordable price of less than 100 yen (as of Nov 2016) is highly attractive. The thin, transparent barrel expresses even more lightness.


7. FriXion

Pilot Corporation

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Written words can be erased just by rubbing over it. It is a pen that is popular for almost being like magic. The secret of this erasable ink pen is that the color of the ink disappears at over 60 degrees Celcius heat.

Although its writing performance is not that great, its unique feature of “being able to erase what you wrote” makes this product highly attractive.


“ITOYA”, the store where you can purchase these attractive stationaries

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

Established in 1904, ITOYA has over 100 years of history of selling stationaries. The main store located in Ginza sells not only pens or other writing equipment but also numerous products from all over the world such as painting materials, globes, postcards, stamps, diaries, calendars and so on.

You can get almost any stationaries you want at ITOYA, but its best selling merchandise is fountain pens. Plenty of lineups are available from reasonably priced ones to luxury ones. Nowadays we tend to write less and less, yet this is a respected shop that reminds us of the joy of writing.

Since they are offering personalization services (fees apply) such as engraving the user’s name, it might be a good idea to order one for a gift or for a memento. Information: Map


We hope you have found some product of your interest from our recommendations. The ballpoint pens listed above are all highly functional and reasonably priced. They sure will be nice Japanese souvenirs. Why don’t you get some on your next visit to Japan?

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