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A Saving Tip for Tokyo Sightseeing: Use “Chika Toku” and Enjoy Great Rates and Convenience!

There are 9 Tokyo Metro lines and 4 Toei subway lines running in Tokyo. We would like to use time as efficiently as possible by making smooth transfers in sightseeing. But transfers are complex and it is a pain to consult fare tables each time.

That being said, this time we are introducing a one-day ticket that will help you enjoy your tour in Japan comfortably with saving. It will guarantee you the best Japan tour of lifetime by freeing you from the hassle of transfers.


What Is “Chika Toku”?

“Chika Toku” is a service offered by Tokyo Metro and Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. When you show the one-day ticket, you can also receive special discounts or giveaways at more than 400 registered stores and facilities in Tokyo metropolitan area.

There are about four kinds of one-day tickets, and “Tokyo Subway Ticket” is the best deal particularly for visitors from overseas.

Rates are 800 yen (400 yen for children) for unlimited usage within 24 hours, 1200 yen (600 yen for children) for 48 hours, and 1500 yen (750 yen for children) for 72 hours after your purchase.

Tickets are available at the Keisei Bus Ticket Counters located in the arrival lobbies of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the Narita Airport. You can also purchase them at other places including Bic Camera, Sofmap, some stores of Laox, and H.I.S. Tourist Information Centers.

Conspicuous orange-colored brochures are placed at each station, and I am sure you can find them easily.

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The brochure lists stores with maps where you can receive special benefits, and they are very convenient to be used as sightseeing destinations.

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If you use the QR code on the back of the brochure, you can easily access the homepage.

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Accessing the home page displays this screen.


Now let me explain a few benefits you can receive in detail.

Hama Rikyu Gardens


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This is a representative garden of the Edo Period, and registered as a Special Scenic Beauty and Historic Site of Japan. Adult admission fee of 300 yen will be discounted to 240 yen.

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At the Nakajima tea house floating in the middle of the pond, matcha green tea is served. (A set of tea with unbaked sweet is 720 yen, and a set of tea with steamed sweets is 510 yen.) Info: Map


Sky Bus

Photo by flickr

Photo by flickr

It’s a double-decker sightseeing bus. In fact this bus is unexpectedly popular even among Japanese people, as it goes to the House of Parliament, Imperial Palace and over the Rainbow Bridge, covering places they do not easily have a chance to go and see. Adult fare of 1600 yen will be discounted to 1400 yen. Please note that reservation is required. Info: Map



Photo by flickr

This is a place you shouldn’t miss when you come to Tokyo. You can also enjoy many benefits here, including gifts and one additional dish on the house. Info: Map


Dine at UDX If You Get Tired from Walking Around in Akihabara

Photo by flickr

UDX is a building located near the Akihabara Station. The building includes a restaurant area called “Akiba Ichi”, and you can receive benefits of additional drink or 10% off from the total bill. Info: Map

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Rikugien Garden


Photo by flickr

Rikugien Garden shows seasonal beauties, and the light up of the fall foliage is particularly popular. Adult admission fee of 300 yen will be discounted to 240 yen here. Info: Map


This time we have introduced sightseeing spots where you can receive discounts with a “Chika Toku” ticket; however it is only a small fraction of the whole. Each discount may be small, but if the discounts are applicable at all the places you visit, it is easy to see the total saving amounts to a tidy sum.

In addition, this “Chika Toku” itself is a one-day ticket that allows you to take advantage of subways as many times as you like in a day. They are the main means of transportation in Tokyo sightseeing and you are also freed from the hassle of buying tickets each time.

Please take advantage of “Chika Toku” smartly and make your Tokyo sightseeing in Japan the best of your experience!


If you are planning a sightseeing tour around Japan, this one is by far the best! ↓


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