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Manga “Joker” Series: A Special Agent in the Future Acts as Police Officer, Judge & Executioner

Many stories exist that feature a profession called an “agent” who work for world peace, such as in the “007” movies.

There are also many “agents” that appear in manga, and this time we are introducing the “Joker” series.



The time is in the near future and mankind has established the “Federation of Planets” in the entire solar system, having acquired the technology to freely travel in the solar system.

A rookie investigator “Rin Rikudo” who belongs to the State of Japan (Former Japan) has been investigating illegal drug trafficking.

During the course of investigation he comes into contact with a mistress of an illegal drug trafficker, but he gets captured by the trafficker who is the employer of the mistress, having his identity revealed.

Rin is detained by the trafficker, however later he is freed by the mistress that he has been in contact with.

She is actually not a human, but a cyborg and a Special Judicial Officer, a special agent of the Federation of Planets.



1. Rin Rikudo

Rin is the main character of this story, and he is a lieutenant in Detective Division of State Police of Japan, Federation of Planets.

He is young, serious and punctual, but he is a rookie policeman with little experience, and his colleagues often treat him as a newbie.

He is a fast learner with good memory, and has high abilities to adapt to the environment by being quick to learn work related information and skills.

He comes to know the Special Judicial Officer Joker and they become lovers.

He is hoping to behave manly as a boyfriend; however Joker treats him lightly.

2. Joker

Joker is a Special Judicial Officer and she investigates and “processes” unusual cases in the Federation of Planets.

She is an artificially created cyborg and a superwoman that possesses higher physical abilities and knowledge than normal humans.

Furthermore unlike other Special Judicial Officers, Joker has an ability to change herself. She can read a person’s DNA information and transform herself into a complete copy in appearance and gender.

The name “Joker” is not her real name; it is a code name and there appears to be four more Special Judicial Officers called Joker other than this Joker.

Essentially they are either a strong man with long black hair or an adorable girl with long black hair in their appearance.

She is a calm, quiet and composed person, but she sometimes shows a different aspect by teasing Rin or clowning around.

3. Special Judiciary Officer

This rank is the highest rank in the Federation of Planets, and they have judicial authorities. Being able to request death penalties and carry them out depending on the situation, their existence is above the law.

They are cyborgs created by humans and they do not have the ability to reproduce.

They have artificial silver eyes without pupils or the white of the eyes, and these eyes are the proof of Special Judicial Officers.

They have been deployed 13 each to planets with human settlements, and they work singly or in cooperation in order to maintain the security of the Federation.

Each officer is named after a deck of cards, and they are grouped into Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts.

Cyborgs are not an unusual existence in this world, and they are also used in general public.

As a result their existence is publicly known, and some are broadcasted playing leading roles in TV dramas.

However, the Jokers’ existence has been classified, and only few relevant people know about their existence.



The original story of this work was written by “Yu Maki”, and “Katsumi Michihara” was in charge of character design and illustration.

 “Katsumi Michihara”, who illustrated this manga, has been known for illustration and character design of “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” (original story by Yoshiki Tanaka).

This science fiction action manga has been finished delightfully with light-hearted interactions and stately settings of science fiction.

Katsumi Michihara’s drawings are made with a unique touch and her illustrations match well with this science fiction world. The characters in the story are cleverly differentiated with facial features that embody their personality and behavioral patterns.

Her differentiation among Jokers by gender is particularly impressive, and her drawing can convince readers that a character is Joker, whether it is a male or female.

The story is also fabulous, offering a finely calculated development that captures readers’ hearts, to the extent that it could be adapted to a Hollywood movie.

The Joker series by Katsumi Michihara has been already completed.

However in 2015, the manga remake “Joker: Reboot” has been published by Kairi Shimotsuki.

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