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Gundam Front Tokyo: Holy Land of Anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” Created in Odaiba!

“If Gundam Existed in the Real World…” What Would You Like to Do?

If you have ever seen the Gundam anime, you must have felt this way at least once. And leading to more various imaginations and wishes.

“How big is it exactly?”
“What is it like inside the cockpit?”
“I would like to go real close and look at it.”

“Gundam Front Tokyo” in Odaiba is the facility that fulfills such desires of fans. We would like you to visit it if you are a fan of Gundam series or would like to actually touch a Japanese anime work. Now let us turn to the introduction of the apppeals of Gundam Front Tokyo.


Gundam Moves!? Don’t Miss the Opportunity to See the “Real Gundam”

Writer’s Photo

Gundam Front Tokyo is in the facility of “DiverCity Tokyo” and it is a 5 minute walk from the Odaiba Station (Tokyo Teleport) on the Rinkai Line (Yurikamome).

When you arrive at DiverCity Tokyo, “RG1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. GFT” welcomes you first, and it is in 1 to 1 scale, the same as in the anime. This Gundam is an original, but the setting of “magnet coating” technique has been reproduced, by which Gundam’s mobility improves in response to the growth of the pilots’ abilities in the anime.

It looks big from a distance, but when you actually come to the feet of Gundam and look up at it, the presence is just awesome! It is finely produced as if it came out of the anime, and it appears ready to move.


And don’t be satisfied with these just yet. As a matter of fact, this “Real Gundam” is scheduled to move 3 times during the day and 5 times at night!

Operation is confined only to the head, but the night show includes video projected on the DiverCity Tokyo’s walls and with lights on Gundam’s body turning on, it makes you wonder if someone were in the cockpit.

Everyone can enjoy this performance free of charge, so please check the schedule and take a look at it.


He is Looking at Me! Gundam Is So Close!

Now that you have experienced the impressive presence of the Real Gundam from outside, let’s rush to the inside.

Gundam Front Tokyo is a facility that allows people to enjoy watching and experiencing to their hearts’ content. It is of course for Gundam fans, but also for those who are just getting to know the manga work for the first time. When you go up to the 7th floor of DiverCity Tokyo, there are mainly two areas; one that is for free and the other where fees apply.

 – Free Area: People can enjoy exhibitions and shopping here; over 1000 types of plastic models of Gundam are on display that are currently available in the market, and the official shop also offers limited-edition products that are available only here.
 – Paid Area: People buy tickets and enter this area. On Saturdays and Sundays, admission is by reservation only. On weekdays you can buy tickets for the day at the entrance.

Now we shall charge in to the paid area today.

Writer’s Photo: Front Lane

After presenting the ticket to the staff and entering the area, you will come to “Front Lane” with illustrations on the wall.

Writer’s Photo: DOME-G

Up ahead lies “DOME-G”.

The dome ceiling is filled with projected animation, and you can enjoy scenes from the Gundam series in addition to original video that you can watch only here. It is as if projections were inviting you to the world of Gundam, and we’d recommend looking over the ceiling thoroughly and enjoying them to your satisfaction in this place.

Once you finish watching the projection and go out, you come to a large space housing a corner for photoshoots along with characters and dioramas reproducing the world of the anime. This place offers so many attractive choices that it is hard to decide which one to go to first.

Writer’s Photo

Among them I would especially recommend the life-size bust of “Strike Freedom Gundam”, which has appeared in “Mobile Suit Gundam: SEED DESTINY”.

Because it is a bust statue, you can look at the body much more closely, and you might even catch the feeling of characters that ride in the cockpit. This is also a place that we definitely don’t want you to miss.


Gundam Front Tokyo often offers limited-edition merchandise and different special exhibitions depending on the season to visit. You can always find something new at this facility. This is one of the facilities we would like you to drop by when you come to Odaiba, Tokyo.

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