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Strong Women Are Beautiful! Girls Fight for Love in Manga “Nejimaki Kagyu”

In the genre of “battle manga”, strong men are usually the main characters.

Women who appear in such stories are type-casted as yearning for the main characters while being protected by them.

This time we are introducing “Nejimaki Kagyu ” and such gender roles are reversed in this work.



“Kamo Negisawa” has such idiosyncrasies that he tends to be loved by monomaniac women.

When he is cornered by morbid romantic feelings directed by such women, he is rescued by a person called “Jubei Kagyu”.

Jubei’s appearance is a beautiful boy; however the person actually turns out to be a girl; a; childhood friend that left Kamo when he was little.

Jubei openly declares her love for Kamo and she behaves like a girl in front of him, while adoring and respecting him wholeheartedly.

And she is a martial artist who is a master of “Nanke Nejimaki Ken (South School of Screw Fists)”, which creates explosive force of destruction by bending one’s body like a spring.

The story depicts Jubei who smashes rivals and obstacles with “Nanke Nejimaki Ken” and activities of Kamo and their friends.



1. Kamo Negisawa

Kamo is the main character of this story. He is a neophyte teacher of modern Japanese.

He is commonly known as “Kamo (Duck)” or “Kamo-sensei”.

Black-rimmed glasses are his signature stye and being poor at physical fight and thin, his impression is somewhat weak and unreliable.

However he gains deep trust of students due to his seriousness and consideration for students.

He is aspiring to be a “good teacher” who is trusted by students and who may sacrifice himself for the sake of students.

2. Jubei Kagyu

Jubei is a childhood friend of Kamo Negisawa, and her nickname is “Kagyu”.

She goes to the school where Kamo works, and she is also one of the students in his class.

Having been separated from Kamo when she was little, she lived with her mother in China for a long time, and came back to Japan.

While she was with her mother, she practiced “Nanke Nejimaki Ken”, which had been handed down generation after generation, and it could be used only by women.

Kagyu appears to be a beautiful boy and she uses masculine words in her speech, too.

But when she is praised by Kamo and feels abashed or when she takes feminine actions, she changes suddenly and shows cute facial expressions and adorable gestures.

At any rate she loves Kamo deeply and blindly trusts him.

3. Rihito Nichie

Rihito is the director of the school and he dominates the school with his “Absolute Individuality Policy”, in which he highly values human individuality.

With the school being dominated by this policy, “ordinary people” and “majority” are regarded low, while people with superior talents or outstanding uniqueness are evaluated highly.

Rihito acts in a friendly, gentlemanly manner to students and teachers; however, he is actually result-oriented, self-centered, and dogmatic.

He has strong interest in Kamo, who aspires to be a good teacher, and Jubei who loves such a being as Kamo.



“Nanke Nejimaki Ken”, which Jubei uses, is a martial art that only women with lithe movements can use. Its characteristic attack is a hammer drill punch created by winding the arm round and round.

Women that stand against Jubei are also strong and courageous, and they too are experts of special hand-on-hand combat techniques. This manga frequently utilizes large frames to present such para-normal fighting actions, making good use of the manga medium. This style is easy to read in addition to showing the action scenes more dynamically.

Character designs are that of main-stream Japanese anime, and their emotions and actions are easy to understand by simplified and exaggerated facial expressions and actions.

Despite a story involving fierce physical combats, this story’s main theme is “love”.

The love of Jubei Kagyu who trusts and respects Kamo Negisawa.

The love of Kamo who watches over students’ growth and struggles to understand them.

Other characters are also driven by love held in their respective hearts and take parts in the story, regardless of friend or foe.

At the beginning Kamo was merely protected by Jubei, however, he gradually changes to start fighting on his own for the sake of the love he believes in.

Jubei also changes her blind love to Kamo. And the drama that unfolds these two characters’ emotions is also a shining attraction of this work.

16 volumes have been published in Japan, and this story has already completed.

The story progresses rapidly and dramatically in the second half of the story with radical shifts and changes in characters’ roles and positions.

It is a dramatic manga work, unlike many physical combat manga that is filled with only continuing fierce fights against enemies.

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