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A Train Ride to “Aoshima Shrine” in Miyazaki While Enjoying the Dynamic Nature

Only a 30 minute ride from the Miyazaki Station on the JR Nichinan Line, the Aoshima Shrine is a leading power spot (place believed to be filled with mysterious energy) in Miyazaki Prefecture. It allows an easy access for those who don’t have a car or who would like sightseeing by a day trip. Title: Photo by flickr

When Miyazaki Prefecture received a spotlight in the honeymoon boom from the 1960s to the 70s, the shrine became famous as many couples visited there to pray for a lasting relationship.

The small island on which the shrine is located offers a rich tropical atmosphere, covered with subtropical plants such as Livistona chinensis. We are introducing this attractive tourist destination along with this author’s experience.


Arriving at Aoshima: The Quaint Unmanned Station

Writer’s Photo

During the 30 minutes from Miyazaki Station to the arrival at Aoshima Station, I looked around in the train and saw that the passengers were roughly half Japanese and half from other countries. I could see Aoshima is a popular sightseeing place for both domestic and foreign tourists. The Aoshima Station is colored in blue and white, and it is currently an unmanned station. The station was pleasantly appealing.

When I walked for about 15 minutes, little by little, the small island came into view.


Torii Appears in View: Enjoying “Oni no Sentakuita(Ogre’s Washboard)” First

Photo by flickr

I could see the vermillion torii shrine gate getting closer little by little. When I kept going forward in a high spirit, the views before reaching at the Aoshima Shrine were breathtaking. I would recommend taking time and looking around. This is “Oni no Sentakuita (Ogre’s Washboard)”, which many of you might have seen in travel guide books.

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This unusual landscape, “Oni no Sentakuita” was created as a result of erosion by seawater and waves, and it has been designated as a Natural Monument of Japan together with the subtropical vegetation.

There were no fences and it appeared we could go onto the rocks, however the waves were a little high on the day I visited and many people only took photos.


Aoshima Shrine: Main Building and Shinto-Style Wedding


Photo by flickr

I finally arrived at the main building of the shrine. The current building was rebuilt after it was gutted by the fire in 1974.

This Aoshima Shrine, with its vividly beautiful vermillion color, enshrines gods of a married couple, “Hikohohodemi no Mikoto” and “Toyotamahime no Mikoto”, and is said to have divine favors for matchmaking, fertility, and trouble-less deliveries. As was expected from this reputation, I saw many young ladies at the shrine. My friend also told me she actually conceived a new life after she had offered a prayer here.

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Incidentally, a Shinto-style wedding ceremony was taking place in the main building when I visited.


Taking a Break at the Aoshima Beach Park

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After I finished a round of sightseeing on the island, I headed back to the Aoshima Station again. On the way I saw the sign of “Aoshima Beach Park” and stopped by. This was a convenient rest place since I had to wait for the next train to the Miyazaki Station for over 30 minutes.

There were shops lined up selling hamburgers and pizza, and drinks included even beer and wine. Many people were enjoying subtropical land of Miyazaki leisurely, from families with children to couples.

I visited in September and business hours were;
Weekdays, Sundays & holidays: 10 AM to 5 PM
Saturdays and a day before holidays: 10 AM to 7 PM
Hours may change depending on the season and weather, so please confirm in advance.


A trip to the countryside shows a different face of Japan from the metropolis Tokyo. This time it was a chapter on Miyazaki Prefecture.

The Aoshima Coast and Aoshima Shrine are popular “power spots” and perfect destinations for a drive, however even a solo traveler can fully enjoy them by using the train and walking. We would like to recommend these places to those who wish to pray for matchmaking, fertility and problem-free deliveries of course, but also to those who wish to be in the flourishing nature and restore the life force.

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