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”Please Save My Earth”: An Old Hit Manga Featuring Reincarnation

In the concept of reincarnation, people are believed to be reborn as different existences after their death.

But what if we had been intelligent beings on a different planet before we were reborn?

”Please Save My Earth”, which we are introducing this time, was created with such a plot.



Arisu Sakaguchi is a girl who moved from Hokkaido to Tokyo due to her parents’ circumstances.

Arisu is a passive, unmotivated, and inconspicuous girl. One day she overhears her classmates’ conversation, in which Jinpachi Ogura and Issei Nishikiori are discussing a strange dream called “Moon dream”.

Jinpachi and Issei dream this “Moon dream” while they are asleep and their dreams share common contents between the two.

In the dream the two are alien beings living on the Moon with 5 other aliens and they are keeping surveillance of the Earth.

Once Arisu hears their story she analyzes the “Moon dream”. Then she tentatively concludes “5 other aliens” might also be reincarnated on the Earth.

About the same time, Arisu accidentally lets her next door neighbor Rin Kobayashi fall from their condominium building. Luckily this boy gets away with only minor injuries. Since the incident however, Rin starts meddling with Arisu, claiming that he wishes to marry Arisu.

While causing such troubles, Jinpachi, Issei & Arisu start looking for “the remaining 5”.

Meanwhile, however, Rin has been keeping a secret from the people around him that the fall has triggered manifestation of strong psychic powers in him.



1. Arisu Sakaguchi

Arisu is the main character of this story, a high school freshman, and she goes to the same school with Jinpachi Ogura and Issei Nishikiori.

She is shy and she doesn’t stand out in her class.

She won’t admit it herself, but she is actually a quiet, beautiful girl

2. Rin Kobayashi

Rin is a grade school pupil, and he lives next door to Arisu in the same condominium.

He is a typical grade school boy, and actually had a crush on Arisu before the fall accident.

But he is a young boy after all, and he attempts to get Arisu’s attention by pulling mean plunks.

He becomes more selfish after the accident, and also starts associating with Jinpachi and Issei.


3. Jinpachi Ogura

Jinpachi is Arisu’s classmate, and a popular student in the class.

He shares “Moon dream” with Issei, and they have been friends since middle school days.

4. Issei Nishikiori

Issei is Jinpachi’s friend, and he is an androgynous beautiful boy with black hair.

He is quiet and timid, the complete opposite of Jinpachi.

In the “Moon dream” Issei appears as a female named “Enju”.



This work was published as a series in a shojo manga (manga for girls) magazine from 1986 to 1994.

The setting involving reincarnation had a dramatic impact on readers who were boys and girls in puberty.

Many boys and girls started wondering if they had been living in a different world in their past lives, drawing an analogy from the setting of this manga.

Furthermore it became a social phenomenon in Japan to the extent that two girls committed suicides, having despaired at the real world compared to the fantasized world in their past lives.

Indeed the story develops in a novel way, too. Having learned that they reincarnated from aliens, characters start remembering memories from their past lives. And their past-life memories and personalities start affecting their current lives, driving their lives, while they suffer from the gap between their current existence and previous one as aliens.

This work carefully depicts actions and stories of such impressionable boys and girls.

In factm this work had had a subtitle of “Vivid Memory” in early days.

This “Vivid Memory” is a title for a series of stories created by the author, Saki Hiwatari.

Other works under the same title include a story in which a murder victim was revived multiple times by cloning, and multiple copies end up existing at the same time.

The sequel of this work was published as “Boku o Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari (Embraced by the Moonlight)” to date.

In the sequel, characters in the original story appear as grown adults. The story focuses on their experience and memories that have been handed down to the next generation.

If you read the sequel together, it will help you deepen your understanding of the story.

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