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Japanese Snacks: November 11, “Pocky & Pretz Day” Is Coming Soon!

Nations in the world have a wide variety of memorial days throughout the year, and we would like to introduce a unique one in Japan this time. Title photo by flickr


What is “Pocky & Pretz Day”?

Photo by flickr

Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. is a long established manufacturer of snacks in Japan, and its products “Pocky” and “Pretz” are most popular Japanese snacks sold in many countries in the world. In 1999, the 11th year of the Heisei Period in the Japanese calendar, Ezaki Glico established the 11th of November (the 11th month of the Calendar year) “Pocky & Pretz Day”, because these snacks, being stick-shaped, are similar to the number “1”. This is how this special day has started.


Incidentally, Pocky and Pretz Are Snacks Like These

Pretz, Photo by flickr

Nowadays these two snacks are sold all over the world and they are well known internationally. Their distributor is Ezaki Glico, a long established manufacturer of snacks in Japan. Having been founded in 1922 and established as a company in 1929, this company has been developing and selling many different products, primarily focusing on candies and snacks, guided by the company’s philosophy of “Delicious and Healthy”.

The popular product Pretz was first introduced in 1963, and by coating Pretz with chocolate, the Pocky was first sold in 1966.

Pocky, Photo by flickr

It is said that the rhythmic, familiar product name of Pocky came from the sound “pokkin”, heard when it is eaten. And the idea of chocolate coating came as one of ideas to create variations of the already popular product, Pretz. After repeated trial and error to perfect the coating so that it is easier to eat without leaving chocolate smear on hands, the current form is said to have been produced.

Photo by flickr

Today localized versions of Pocky & Pretz are sold in many places in the world, utilizing local ingredients in respective regions. Thus it doesn’t end at standard flavors, but also has a wide variety of kinds.


In addition, on this special day of each year Glico runs special campaigns. The following shows some examples from the past.

World Record in 2013

Photo by flickr

The number of posts containing the word “Pocky” on Twitter was counted during the 24 hour period on November 11. There were 3,710,044 tweets and Pocky was recognized as “The Brand Name Most Tweeted in 24 Hours” in the Guinness World Records.


World Record in 2014

Photo by flickr

The company solicited people’s photos including Pocky or Pretz in a public campaign, aiming at creating a montage that contains the world largest number of photos. It succeeded in achieving another world record.

The company’s other campaigns include a photo contest that people can participate by using smartphones and cellular phones. Many people in the general population also celebrate this day, and for example, one student purchased 1111 boxes of Pocky (worth approximately 140,000 yen!). Naturally it got into the news.

Writer’s Photo

November 11 is the Pocky & Pretz Day. We would like you to enjoy it, too. The day in 2016 is coming soon!

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