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For the Natto Hater! 4 Special Recipes with Tips on Making Natto More Delicious

Natto (fermented soybeans) may have a few aspects that turn people away, including its distinctive smell and its viscous substance that sticks around your mouth. But on the other hand natto has surprisingly high nutritional value, and benefits of eating may outweigh its negative qualities.

Then how can we eat natto deliciously? This author, being a natto addict and natto lover, will impart easy ways to prepare natto deliciously!


The Benefits of Eating Natto


1. Surprisingly High Nutritional Value

Natto contains not only the 5 major elements of nutrition; protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It contains various nutrition in a fine balance, including vitamin B, nattokinase, dietary fiber, and calcium. Natto helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful, prevents constipation, helps recovery from fatigue, and it even raises metabolism. Natto is an amazing super food of Japan!

2. Feel Significantly Closer to Japan

When you overcome your dislike of natto, it is possible to narrow the gap between you and Japanese people’s hearts. This is because you will give an impression that you have been trying to understand Japan more deeply by overcoming natto, the formidable challenge for foreign people. Japanese people around you will be impressed at you and they should naturally open up their hearts.


Two Points to Avoid When Eating Natto


Point 1: Eating Natto By Itself

This is a common mistake for those who are trying to eat natto for the first time or those who are afraid of natto. Natto is a food that tastes much better when it is eaten together with other food, such as rice. When you are not yet familiar with natto, it is better to avoid eating it by itself. After you become natto-otaku, you can stuff yourself with just natto.

Point 2: Avoiding Natto When Others Around You Are Eating It

Natto is a mysterious food that you notice its smell when other people are eating it, but you don’t notice it when you are eating it yourself. If you have decided that natto is smelly and not for you by seeing someone else eating it, that’s because you didn’t know this. When you try eating it, you will be surprised at realizing it doesn’t smell as bad as you had expected.


Join the Ranks of Natto Lovers with Easy Recipes!

No.4 “Natto Soba”

Writer’s Photo

This is a surprisingly delicious combination. From now on, you can easily eat soba without tempura so long as you have natto.

No.3 “Natto & Potato Chips!?”

Writer’s Photo

This is a recipe I learned from an American person who has overcome natto-hate. I have to admit it is hard to believe, but natto matches well with the seaweed & salt flavor, and it is surprisingly delicious.

No.2 “Okra Natto, & Kimchi on Rice”

Writer’s Photo: Top left in the photo

Slice boiled okra and mix it with kimchi and natto, then put the mixture on rice. It is spicy, sticky, and includes okra’s flecks. Both the taste and texture are superb.

No.1 “Luxury Bowl of Natto & Sashimi”

Image view, Photo by flickr

You can add your favorite ingredients to natto, such as slow-boiled hot-spring egg, okra, shirasu (Japanese anchovy), salmon sashimi, and seared tuna on rice in a bowl. And finally, drizzle a bit of soy sauce over it. It’s fantastic if you eat it after mixing them well.


Natto is absolutely nourishing and it’s a leading food of Japan. Discover your original natto recipe and overcome the hate of natto!

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