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Tokyo Skytree: The Tallest Tower in Japan Offers New Pleasure Every Time

Tokyo Skytree became the tallest building in Japan, passing the height of Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo. The Skytree is a popular sightseeing destination for many foreign tourists, as its location is close to one of Japan’s most representative sightseeing areas, Asakusa. This time we are presenting a report based on my experience in the past of visiting Tokyo Skytree during the New Year period.


About Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is a radio tower with a height of 634m, and having opened for business in May 2012, it became a new symbol of Tokyo. It is located near the Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line or Oshiage (Skytree mae) Station on the Hanzomon Line.

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Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck is built at the height of 350m above the ground. Since I had visited around New Year’s the place was decorated like a New Year’s greeting card. As the height was almost petrifying, views were outstanding.

Tokyo Skytree Observation Corridor is positioned further up at the astounding height of 450m above the ground! If the weather permits, you can view the whole Tokyo metropolitan area.


Exhibition Changes Every Season

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Exhibitions change from season to season and you can see traditional Japanese decorations everywhere in the Observation Deck from the end of the year to the New Year period. The photo captures “Shishimai (Lion Dance)” and the official mascot of Tokyo Skytree, “Sorakara-chan”.

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You can shoot a photo at a huge panel where you can show your face through the cut-out circles, which is almost a ubiquitous device placed in Japanese sightseeing destinations.

In addition, there were special exhibitions on Star Wars movies and Ultraman when I visited. Exhibitions vary depending on the time of your visit, and it is one of the Skytree’s charms: no matter when you go you can find different excitement.


“Sorakara-Chan”, the Official Mascot

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Tokyo Skytree has its own official mascot, “Sorakara-chan”. If you are lucky, you may bump into “Sorakara-chan” in person. She will be happy to shake hands with you or be in your photo together. The souvenir shop is filled with goods designed after her.


Let’s Drop by at “Tokyo Solamachi”!

A large commercial facility called “Tokyo Solamachi” is located at the foot of Tokyo Skytree. Of course there are cafés and restaurants there. In addition, it is packed with stores that offer a variety of apparels, fashion items and everyday goods with the theme of “Tokyo Kawaii (Pretty)”. Traditional Japanese-style stores line up especially on the fourth floor, and this might be a good floor to find typically Japanese souvenirs.

Furthermore, Sumida Aquarium here is very popular, too.


Let’s Make a Set of Tokyo Skytree and Downtown Tour

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How did you like our Tokyo Skytree report in the New Year version? Access to the Skytree is most convenient by subway, but using the water bus is also a good way and you might give it a try.

Tokyo Skytree opens up at 8AM in the morning, so a good sightseeing plan for a day is eating breakfast in Tokyo Skytree and going onto Asakusa area afterward.

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