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Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Area of Namba, Osaka for Quality Kitchen Supplies

Osaka is known as a gourmet town. If you ever have a chance to visit the city, you will surely be impressed by the great variety of foods it has to offer; takoyaki, okonomiyaki and other flour-based dishes commonly referred to as “konamon”; “kushikatsu,” or fried skewered cutlets; fresh seafood of Kuromon Market. An area in Osaka plays a pivotal role in supporting such food culture of Osaka. It is “Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade,” or “Doguyasuji” to put it more simply as it is commonly called by the abbreviation.


Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade


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When an area name in Osaka ends with “-suji”, it usually refers to a street or avenue. Doguyasuji is a shopping street mainly gathering kitchen utensils and dishware.

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In the arcade, many shops specializing in Japanese dishware, metalware and knives are lined up and allow you to buy all kinds of kitchen utensils. Many of the items available here are of high quality and especially designed for professional use. But the arcade is open to the general public for shopping.


A Display of the Japanese Kitchen

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Here you can find your favorite items among a huge variety of choices, be it pottery dishes that are typically used at Japanese houses, gorgeous drinking vessels or lacquerware. The shopping arcade is just like “A Display of the Japanese Kitchen” and it is enjoyable even just looking around.

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There are also some stores dealing with other products than dishes and kitchen utensils. The store with the showy front in this photo is one among them. The shop deals with Japanese style lanterns called “chochin.” They are made of Japanese paper and were traditionally and most typically put up in front of restaurants and bars.

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Select Your Souvenir from the Japanese Kitchen

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Cheapest dishware here are priced at only a few hundred yen and very easy on a budget. But if you are up for buying something as a memorabilia of your journey, of course you can stretch your budget and go for more luxurious items.

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One of the very unique and interesting stores you can find here is the one dealing with food samples. Many Japanese restaurants display very realistic food samples at the shop front so that customers can easily tell what they can have inside. At the Doguyasuji arcade, you can buy such food samples, each and every one of which is made with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen.

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These are accessories made with food samples. Magnets and key chains are also available at around 1,000 Yen. Discover your favorite Osaka gourmet item.


Where is Doguyasuji?

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Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade is located a little south to the city center of Nanba and reachable in about 10 minute walk from the famous huge signboard of Glico and the restaurant with the landmark crab signboard. The nearest landmark to the arcade is a comedy theater called “Namba Grand Kagetsu.”

Left: Namba Grand Kagetsu (Writer’s Photo)

As seen in the top right in the photo, a large black signboard with a single red Chinese character (道) can be found near the theater. It is the northern entrance to the Doguyasuji arcade.

If you come from the opposite direction from the southern entrance, you can get to the arcade by going eastward from Nanba Station of Nankai Electric Railway along the street called “Nansan Dori” avenue. As you go past a few blocks along the road winding to the left, you will find on your left the same black signboard as the one seen in the photo.


Atmosphere of Good Old Osaka in Doguyasuji

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Doguyasuji Arcade allows you to enjoy the nice atmosphere specific to old shopping arcades in Osaka, which has long prospered as a city of merchants. How about searching for your favorite items in Doguyasuji while immersing yourself in the good old atmosphere of Osaka? Information: Map

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