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Beautiful Nature in Nikko City, Tochigi: Trail Route for Kegon Falls

Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture is a popular destination for school excursions and family travels from nearby areas. We can forget the busyness of everyday life by taking a walk in nature that is away from noisy cities.

This time we are introducing the beautiful Lake Chuzenji, serene Ryuzu Falls, and powerful and spectacular Kegon Falls in such a popular destination Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Taking the bus from the Nikko Station, anyone can easily enjoy a stroll from Senjogahara field toward Kegon Falls.


Senjogahara: The Starting Point of A Stroll


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Senjogahara is a popular place for hiking and watching the beautiful starry sky.

Local people apparently hike here often, and according to them, “basically there is nothing” in Senjogahara. That is why it is just perfect for taking a walk. From this point we will take “Nikko Tekuteku Hodo” trail.


Nikko Tekuteku Hodo

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You can walk a path filled with pleasures of nature. Some part may become a mild slope, but it is not steep. Bringing a bell is recommended, perhaps to avoid encountering a bear on the off chance. But it does not mean this is a particularly dangerous way. Let’s walk leisurely while listening to the trees blown by the wind.

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When the trail comes close to a river on the way, please keep in mind that moss grows on the rocks underfoot and you need to be careful.


Ryuzu Falls


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Before coming on this stroll, I searched the Internet for information using “Nikko” & “falls” as keywords. I had an impression that Ryuzu Falls has accumulated most information as a waterfall in the area. The falls are so tranquil that just looking at it sets your heart at peace. The view is not very powerful, yet it is a beautiful waterfall.


Lake Chuzenji


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Lake Chuzenji is such a large beautiful lake that it almost looks like the ocean. Duck-shaped rental boats and excursion boats are available on its bank to go to the center of the lake to overlook the area around the lake. I highly recommend a duck-shaped rental boat that allows you to move around freely in order to feel the nature while getting physical exercise.

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Around the lake there are eateries where you can enjoy regional cuisine and local sake as well as souvenir shop. In addition, the bus terminal for Kegon Falls is nearby and it has guides who are fluent in English.


Entrance to Kegon Falls


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You can catch a glimpse of the falls first through the trees. The falls look impressive and the sound is pretty loud at this point already, but you can go closer by taking “Kegon Falls Elevator” (adults 550 yen, children 330 yen). It gets pretty cold on the way, so it would be a good idea to bring extra clothes to put on.


Kegon Falls, the Destination

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When you walk for a while after getting off the elevator, you will come to the final destination. The place is crowded even during the week, and there are many tourists from overseas too. The falls are impressive, combined with the sound and the wind.


The hot spring town of Nikko is not far from here; it’s a great idea to stop by to refresh on the way back from the stroll.

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