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Fujisan Children’s World: Enjoy Nature and Animals with Mt. Fuji in the Background

What is “Mt. Fuji Children’s World”?

The highest mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji, and “Mt. Fuji Children’s World” is located at its foot, as the name indicates. It is a large park owned by Shizuoka Prefecture. In this area there are many sightseeing destinations including Mt. Fuji, which goes without saying, and Fuji Safari Park, Campica Fuji Grinpa, Fuji-Q Highland, and Makaino Farm. As Mt. Fuji Children’s World comes with accommodations, we recommend you to stay there one night and explore sightseeing spots nearby.

That being said let us start our introduction of Mt. Fuji Children’s World.


Three Large Areas in the Park

The area of Mt. Fuji Children’s World is a whopping 94.46 hectares (about 0.36 square miles), which is roughly the size of 20 Tokyo Domes put together. This large park consists of three areas named “Town”, “Land of Water”, and “Meadow Land” respectively.

The entrance to Mt. Fuji Children’s World is located in the “Town” area. There is “Town Square” where events are held and also “Children’s Hall” where children can play on rainy days.

The “Land of Water” has a large pond for playing in water and canoeing. Events are held during the summer for people to fish and eat their catch on the spot. However, you cannot play there during the winter as the pond freezes.

The “Meadow Land” is filled with many play areas and equipment great for children, including large grass-covered hills, giant “Spider Web Net”, and “Lava Valley Playground”.


“Makiba” to Come in Contact with Animals

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Mt. Fuji Children’s World has “Makiba (Pasture)” where you can touch and commune with animals. Fees for horseback riding are pretty reasonable compared to other places, and make you want to ride over and over again. The horses will stop and pose at spots where you can take great photos with Mt. Fuji. There are also rabbits, ponies and alpacas to commune with and a goat will go for a walk with you. Goats are whimsical and pull hard, and it is a fun experience to walk with it.


“Snow Hill” Is Perfect for First-Time Sledding

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For a limited period during the winter, an area called “Snow Hill” appears.

The Snow Hill is for sledding and playing in the snow. There is a short 30m course and a long 100m course. The 30m course is a gentle slope and perfect for first-timers to sled. You may bring in your own sled, and rental prices are reasonable, too.

Let’s participate in game meetings that are held on weekends and holidays. The snow is a little bit hard, being artificial snow, but children would love it. Real snow would pile from time to time, depending on the weather.


Accommodation Facility Won’t Fail to Satisfy You

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You can stay overnight in Mt. Fuji Children’s World. Illuminations light up at night and only over-night guests can enjoy this view.

Accommodation facility can be selected from two types; hotel “Lodge” at 12,960 yen per night per room or a round tent-dwelling “pao (yurt)”. Reservations can be made at the Official Site.

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“Pao” is a word in Chinese, and it is called “ger” in Mongolian language. Paos are available in large and small sizes and rental fees for a large pao is 8,200 yen (6,500 yen on week days) per night, and a small one is for 4,100 yen (3,250 yen on week days). When you are staying in a pao, you can use either coin-operated shower (200 yen per 5 minutes) or bath service at the hotel “Lodge” (fees apply).

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Kitchen facility is available for cooking your own meals, and “Sogen no Ie (Meadow Land House)” sells wood and firelighters. Let’s bring in your own ingredients to cook!

It is hard to make reservations for a pao during the summer vacation season, but it is relatively easy during the winter. However, the night is quite chilly. A stove is placed in the room, but it is not enough to warm up the entire room. A sleeping bag is indispensable. If you sleep in ski wear rather than pajamas, it is probably appropriate. If the chill wakes you up in the middle of the night, it is high time to look up at the sky. You can enjoy gorgeous star-spangled night sky, surrounded by fresh air.


Mt. Fuji Children’s World has many more fun spots we could not introduce this time. Including free admission on May 5, Children’s Day, the overall pricing is quite reasonable, which is a welcoming point of this place. Of course for the visitors from abroad, its location near Mt. Fuji is a great point, too. Come and visit Mt. Fuji Children’s World to enjoy nature and play with animals to your hearts’ content.

Younger than Elementary School Free
Elementary School Student 200 Yen
Middle School Student 410 Yen
Adult 820 Yen
Information: MapOfficial Website

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