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Meet Your Favorite Jump Anime Characters at “J-WORLD TOKYO”! – Part 2

This is the second part of our J-World Tokyo tour. In the first part, we have introduced areas for Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto, and we will continue on to other attractive areas.

The first part is here: Meet Your Favorite Jump Anime Characters at “J-WORLD TOKYO”! – Part 1


4. Haikyu!!

Writer’s Photo

This is the area for “Haikyu!!”, the popular volleyball manga with hot playing scenes of high school boys and it has recently brought a big boom.

This area reproduces the Karasuno High School and the shopping district where the characters lead their daily lives in the story. In the clubroom at Karasuno High School, you can peek into lockers that belong to the characters of the story and you might recognize products in vending machines that you have seen in the manga before. There are many points of interest.

Writer’s Photo: Clubroom

Writer’s Photo: Sakanoshita Store

In particular, there is a mini-attraction at “Sakanoshita Store” in the shopping district. Please try “Be careful it is almost sold out! Part-time job experience at Sakanoshita Store”, in which you are to select a special meat bun from numerous meat buns. Based on the number of stars written on the bun, you can receive Haikyu!! goods (a separate charge of 300 yen applies each time).

There is a place where you can wear the same apron as the Coach Ukai’s, so don’t forget to take your picture!


5. Kuroko’s Basketball

Writer’s Photo

This is the area for “Kuroko’s Basketball”, which has become the most popular basketball manga after the legendary blockbuster, “Slam Dunk”.

Writer’s Photo: Entrance to Seirin High School

Writer’s Photo: Clubroom

Writer’s Photo: Character Panel

You can visit Seirin High School that the characters belong to, and take a tour of the basketball clubroom and gymnasium. You might be able to find in the clubroom the fear-inspiring curry or honey pickled lemon, which are prepared by Coach Riko Aida in the story.

In the gymnasium, you can take photos with familiar characters depicted on the panel. When you step on the characters’ footprints, memorable scenes from the anime are presented onto screens, too. Let’s step on every character’s footprint and enjoy the complete presentation!

In a mini-attraction called “The Work of a Manager”, you will become the club’s manager and cook curry for players. When you turn the curry ladle, you will receive a ball. Depending on the color of the ball, you can get a different prize (a separate charge of 300 yen applies each time).


6. Gintama

I bet there are many Jump fans this manga made laugh to tears. Yes, this is the area for Gintama, which is sometimes human comedy or other times science fiction, and it is a manga in which anything goes.

However, Gintama area is different from other areas, as it ends up being a world of dot matrix. Such Gintama area is also somewhat similar to the world of the famous RPG, and we cannot help but laugh.

Also you can even take a photo with Gin-san, who is 128.5 cm tall and made with about 21500 pieces of diablocks.



Writer’s Photo

There is more in addition to the 6 kinds of manga areas. The Carnival area here offers mini-games that are designed after manga in Jump and many game machines you can get prizes from. Each game requires extra money to play, but some prizes are rare and you cannot get them anywhere but here. We recommend you to take up challenges in this area.


Food Area

Writer’s Photo: Sample Food at Café Mademoiselle

Food and drinks are available in three areas of the J-WORLD.

The first area is “Café Mademoiselle”, which is operated by Sanji of One Piece. Of course the menu offers dishes named after Straw Hat Pirates, and alcohol is available, too. That’s a good idea for adults who would like to take a break with a drink.

Writer’s Photo: Kagami Special of MJ Burger, from “Kuroko’s Basketball”

Writer’s Photo: Gungun Bar from “Haikyu!!”

The second area called “J-WORLD KITCHEN” is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of food related to various manga in Jump or even some dishes that have actually appeared in stories. This is a fan’s dream come true and you will have a hard time deciding what to order.

Writer’s Photo

The third area is “J-PATISSERIE” for dessert.

There are many pretty desserts designed after Jump manga here also, and it is a great restaurant for both adults and children to stop by and take a break.


Store with Merchandise

We highly recommend stopping by at the store to finish off your J-WORLD visit, which is located next to the food court. It offers many items that are limited-edition or seasonal and you can get them at no other places. Do stop by here and get the best, memorable souvenir!


How did you like our J-WORLD tour that we delivered in two parts? This author stayed in J-WORLD all day long, but it was packed with so much fun that there was not enough time to enjoy it all. So some of you might spend more than one day to explore it all or visit the world by following events that are held there.

If you are fans of anime, manga, or Jump, don’t miss going to this dream paradise!

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