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Meet Your Favorite Jump Anime Characters at “J-WORLD TOKYO”! – Part 1

Nowadays the word “manga” can be understood in the world, and Japanese manga and anime culture has come to be recognized as a symbolic culture of Japan. In the large manga market in Japan, the manga magazine “Shonen Jump” has brought many popular works to readers, and it is still loved today by many people regardless of age and gender. 

This Shonen Jump has created an amusement center in Ikebukuro, where people can experience the worlds of manga in the magazine. Many people might know it already, however, we are introducing this amusement park this time to explain how much fun you can have there. Photo by conpetti


What is Shonen Jump?


Shonen Jump is manga magazine for boys, and the publication started in 1968. One of its editorial policies is to publish works that express “friendship”, “effort” and “victory”, and the magazine has produced masterpieces that touched many people’s hearts. This magazine has published works including “Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)”, “Dragon Ball” and “One Piece”, which everyone may have heard of at least once, even when s/he doesn’t particularly follow manga.


Access and Ticket Prices of J-WORLD TOKYO


J-WORLD is located on the third floor of World Import Mart Building in Sunshine City, the symbol of Ikebukuro.

<Access> Information: Map
Eight minute walk from the Ikebukuro Station East Exit on various lines.
Three minute walk from the Higashi Ikebukuro Station on various lines.

<Ticket Prices>
Admission Tickets: 800 yen for adults and 600 yen for children.
Admission & Unlimited Attraction Tickets: 2600 yen for adults and 2400 yen for children.
Night Passports (If you enter after 5 pm): 1800 yen for adults and 1600 yen for children.
*Additional charges may apply if you eat, drink or participate in games in the center.
*Admission is free for children under the age of 3.


Once you buy a ticket, let’s jump into the J-WORLD!

“Center Core”

When you enter the amusement center, you first come to an area called “Center Core”. This area is completely surrounded 360 degrees by LCD screens, and a touch panel is located in its center. When you touch a character image projected on the panel, the character will deliver a welcoming message from the 360° LCD screens. There are characters from various manga works, so you might want to take your time to listen to the messages from all the characters.


After the Center Core, the time has come for 6 kinds of manga areas to welcome you.

1. Dagon Ball

Shoot! Kamehameha!!

There are two attractions in Dragon Ball Area.

The first attraction is “Let’s grab them up! Dragon Ball!!”.
You are taking a tour of Capsule Corporation, and you are told by Bulma that immediate danger is coming to Earth as a giant meteor is approaching and Dr. Gero has been revived. In this attraction you will try to save Earth together with Goku and other warriors by using Dragon Radar version J, overcoming challenges and collecting Dragon Balls.

The second attraction is “Shoot! Kamehameha!!”.
You are participating in “Tenkaichi Budokai (World Marshal Arts Championship)”, and Goku is coaching you how to shoot Kamehameha. Then you learn that Dr. Gero is trying to revive Frieza. Again Earth is in danger! This attraction lets you to shoot Kamehameha together with Goku to save Earth. Goku teaches you how to shoot it in the immersive experience of 3D.

In addition to the two areas above, there are other attractions including collaborating with your friends or wearing planetary warriors’ costumes. This area lets you feel you are completely one of Z Warriors like Goku and his friends.


2. One Piece


There are three attractions in the One Piece Area.

The first attraction is “Scream Out Loud! STRAW HAT HORROR CRUISE”.
This is a horror attraction that the Straw Hat Pirates have started for tourists in order to raise funds. You can experience many tricks planted by Luffy and his gangs in darkness and some are scary and others are…?

The second attraction is “Chopper Quest ~ Luffy Rescue Mission~”.
Straw Hat Pirates have dropped by Rizoto Island. Luffy accidentally eats balloon bird meat untreated, and his belly starts to swell up! Receiving instructions from Chopper, the gang splits up and starts collecting ingredients for medicine all over the island. Meanwhile you are carrying Chopper in your backpack and overcoming 7 challenges, looking for the gang and finding ingredients for the medicine. In this attraction you can enjoy an adventure with cute Chopper.

The third attraction is “SHIRO MOKUBA Carousel”.
Frankie has built “Shiro Mokuba I” for tourists on Rizoto Island to raise capital, modeling after Straw Hat Pirates. When the carousel is turning, you can enjoy live music of Soul King Brook at the same time.

Writer’s Photo: Pirate Mask


3. Naruto

Naruto is known to end many of his words with “~dattebayo!”. The number of people who have come to know more about ninja after seeing Naruto’s manga or anime is not few. In ninja Naruto’s area, there is one attraction, too.

In the attraction called “A fierce fight! NINKAI TAISEN EMAKI!!”, you will become genin (low-level ninja) yourself and receive a mission to protect “Konohagakure no sato (Naruto’s home town)” against Akatsuki that has started “Ninkai Taisen (Ninja World War)”. You battle against the enemy while radio instructions fly in from your fellow ninja, and you can try “Mugen zoshoku rasengan” together with Naruto, too. It is a critical mission to protect and save Naruto’s home town with your own power.

Writer’s Photo

In addition, there is “Ramen Ichiraku”, the famous ramen stall from the original story. Please drop by and enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen after you have succeeded in protecting Naruto’s home town.

To go to areas of “Haikyu!!” “Kuroko’s Basketball”, “Gintama”:
Meet Your Favorite Jump Anime Characters at “J-WORLD TOKYO”! – Part 2

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