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Evangelion Girls? Manga “Joshi Kohei” Depicts Abnormal Wars in Different Dimension

Many manga take up the subject of war in various ways; some may concentrate on depicting combat actions while others may express protest against the war. We are introducing manga “Joshi Kohei” this time, and it is also a war story. However, it is a story involving giant robots, one of Japan’s specialty genres. And its setting is quirky and cool, just as expected of Japanese manga.



In the year of Dimensional History 2011, human beings start developing worlds in different dimensions, by using dimensional physics theory devised by “Prophet”, an artificial intelligence.

However, a war breaks out in one dimension that is administered by the artificial intelligence, the Prophet.

In order to bring an end to the war, the Prophet, creates gigantic robots “Joshi kohei”.

They look like ordinary high school girls, but they have the ability to disable all physical attacks.

And these weapons had a drawback called “mental pollution”, which drives pilots insane after long period of operation.

The main character, Lieutenant Takigawa is the leader of “13th Independent Joshi Kohei Hunt Corps”.

Known as “Hyena Corps”, it is a unit of killer commandos organized to eliminate Joshi kohei and pilots that have turned uncontrollable due to the mental pollution.

A mission is assigned to this group to eliminate a Joshi kohei known as “Tsukiko” and its pilot.



1. Lieutenant Takigawa

Lt. Takigawa is the main character of this story and the leader of “13th Independent Joshi Kohei Hunt Corps”.

The lieutenant pilots a Joshi kohei called “Love Fox”.

Lt. Takigawa calmly chases targets and carries out missions ruthlessly and mercilessly.

2. Harada

Harada is a medic of the 13th Independent Joshi Kohei Hunt Corps, and operates the Joshi kohei wearing glasses.

Harada is most severely affected by mental pollution, and is sometimes in contact with non-existent family members using the cellular phone that Joshi kohei uses.

Harada is merry and cheers up the mood of the group, but sometimes offers collected and accurate comments.

3. Tsunehusa

Tsunehusa uses heavy weapons and is in charge of attacks in the 13th Independent Joshi Kohei Hunt Corps.

Tsunehusa operates the Joshi kohei with black hair arranged in twin pony tails.

Mirroring the role in the team, Tsunehusa is aggressive and quick to fight.

Tsunefusa’s words and actions are masculine as his personality is. But Tsunehusa is also afflicted by mental pollution, and in fact is squabbling with “her” lover and talking about breaking up (of course, it is a male that doesn’t exist).

4. Jko

Jko is piloting the Joshi kohei with long blond braids and a mask. Its strength is in close combat.

Though excellent at physical combat, Jko’s personality is discreet and quiet.

Jko is most feminine in skills and preferences, enjoying cooking and wearing frilly clothes (naturally, the dress is worn by the Joshi kohei).



Even though Joshi kohei are giant robots, its appearance is that of young females.

A pilot stations aboard in its head, and conducts battles.

In terms of impression, it is a biological weapon similar to the Japanese anime “Evangelion”, rather than a giant robot.

All pilots that appear in the manga are military personnel and they are males. But because they are operating the Joshi kohei, the pilots themselves do not show their appearance in the manga except for Lieutenant Takigawa.

All of them are strict and rough servicemen and though they are males, they race through battle fields in the appearance of high school girls.

Judging from other Japanese manga, you may imagine that cute girls engage in combat while freely showing cuteness up front. But this story is not like that.

Bodies of Joshi kohei frequently get splattered into pieces in shooting, and the story presents fierce, cruel and violent scenes one after another.

The author himself tells readers at the end of the last volume that he created the story, following the image of the movie “Apocalypse Now”.

True to his word, the battlefield showcases extremely violent and gruesome combats.

The story combines heavy combats, cute but gigantic Joshi kohei, and soldiers who continue fighting while fearing the mental pollution.

Its description is indeed of a world in different dimension.

This work is like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the movie “Apocalypse Now”, and the anime “Evangelion” all combined.

The story changes at such a hectic pace in different dimension that it will make the readers’ head spin.

However, that’s exactly what the author intends and he is aiming at such effects.

Once you have experienced this sensation, this story will affect you by “mental pollution”, and you won’t be able to peel your eyes off from it until you read the ending of the story.

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