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Manga “Kyokou Suiri” Explores Inferences to Support Known Answers

In the world of manga, different media or different types of manga are mixed quite often to create a new profession or a new type of genre. The manga we are introducing this time is “Kyokou Suiri (Invented Inference)”. The original work is a novel, and this is a unique one that mixes two types of stories; “horror story” and “detective story”.



“Kuro Sakuragawa” has broken up with his lover “Saki Yumihara” a while ago, but he still has a slight lingering feeling toward her.

Then he meets a girl “Kotoko Iwanaga” who had confessed her long lasting love for him.

Kotoko knows Kuro has unusual abilities and proclaims she is “goddess of wisdom for yokai monsters”.

Just then a rumor starts in the town of a ghost named “Kojin Nanase” appears repeatedly.

Kotoko and Kuro start acting to solve the mystery of Kojin Nanase’s appearance by using their extraordinary abilities.



1. Kotoko Iwanaga

She is the main character of this story, and she is missing one eye and one leg.

She usually appears to be a normal healthy girl, as she uses a prosthetic eye, leg, and a cane to compensate for her loss.

She has actually lost her eye and leg as a part of her contract with yokai monsters when she became their “goddess of wisdom”. But she doesn’t seem to care about her loss.

She appears much younger for her age of 19, and she is often mistaken for a middle school student. She is harboring inferiority complex for her under-developed appearance.

She is loved by yokai monsters as “one-eyed one-legged princess”, and she plays a role in mediating their troubles and help solving their problems.

2. Kuro Sakuragawa

He is a graduate student of a university where Kotoko studies as an undergraduate.

He is a young man Kotoko fell in love with at first sight.

He has abilities to foresee the future and his body is immortal, as his grandmother had made him eat the meat of “Kudan”, a yokai that can foresee the future and “Ningyo (mermaid)”, which is known to be eternally young and immortal.

The Kudan has an ability to bring realistically possible, immediate future into the present, but death is the price to use this ability.

Therefore combining it with the Ningyo’s eternal youth and immortality, he can “foresee the future” without dying.

3. Saki Yumihara

She used to be Kuro’s lover, but once she learned about his unusual abilities she broke up with him.

She is a policewoman, and she starts working together with Kotoko and Kuro in this incident.

4. Kojin Nanase (Steel-human Nanase)

She is the “culprit” of this case. She is a faceless ghost of an idol, and she wanders around the town at night, wearing a short dress and carrying a steel bar in one hand.

She used to be an idol called “Karin Nanase” when she was alive.

It’s an urban legend in which Nanase is rumored to chase after anyone who sees her, wielding her steel bar.



This work is manga adaptation of the novel titled “Kyokou Suiri – Steel-human Nanase”.

The original novel was written by Kyo Shirodaira and published in 2011, and manga was illustrated by Chashiba Katase.

The manga series has begun in 2015, and is still in progress.

The biggest characteristic of this work is that the result is already known and the story explores means to arrive at it.

The main character, Kotoko Iwanaga, is respected by non-human existence such as yokai and ghosts as goddess of wisdom. Thus she is capable of gathering information that humans cannot obtain.

And the other main character, Kuro Sakuragawa, has the ability of yokai Kudan to foresee the future. He can voluntarily select and decide what is to happen in his own future due to this special ability.

As these two people have made a team, “end results” are inevitably foreseeable. However they cannot see how the end results are to be obtained.

It is similar to when one knows an answer to a mathematical problem and partial formula that leads to the answer, and s/he needs to analyze the partial information to obtain the whole formula. This work is such an unusual detective story.

In addition to the attractive storyline, this work pleases the readers with adorable words and actions of the main character Kotoko, and Kuro returns calm rebuttals to her, forming exciting dialogues between the two.

In this work the story evolves while seeking answers to questions; why Steel-human Nanase was produced, how they can stop the mysterious phenomena, and who is to blame for the phenomena. Unreal supernatural phenomena and solving mysteries with practical, logical reasoning appear diametrically opposite to each other. But they blend seamlessly in this work.

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