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Kyoto Arashiyama: One Day Sightseeing Course for Ladies Traveling Solo – 2

This is the second part of our stroll in Kyoto Arashiyama. As we have finished lunch break and replenished our energy, let’s start walking and enjoy our stroll until we get to to onsen hot spring to finish it.

Preceding articles 1~5 are here: Kyoto Arashiyama: One Day Sightseeing Course for Ladies Traveling Solo – 1


6. Let’s Feel Nature on a Path through the Bamboo Grove

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Wall of bamboo on both sides of the path for 200m, and they are breathtakingly beautiful. This is a famous place among tourists, and many people are taking photos here and there on this path. As it is a long path, please wait a while until you can find a good moment to take photo for your memories in kimono and in bamboo grove without anyone around you.

Bamboo groves create different atmospheres on rainy days or at nights, compared to sunny days and nighttime. Please remember the bamboo grove has a unique atmosphere on the nights when Arashiyama Hanatouro (flower lanterns, held on 12/9~12/18 this year) are held. You won’t feel sorry to come to this place even on a rainy day. Information: Map


7. Catch a Stunning View of Kyoto from Okochi Sanso


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Denjiro Okochi is a famous actor who specialized in historical dramas in Japan. Okochi Sanso (Okochi mountain villa) includes his ideal garden that he constructed spending his 30 years of earnings as an actor. It is located on Ogurayama, the famous place for “Ogura hyakunin isshu (100 poets’ select poems at Ogura)”. You can get a stunning view of Kyoto city from there. This place was registered as a cultural property of Japan recently, and became a hot topic as a sightseeing spot.

The admission includes service of matcha green tea, and you can enjoy a relaxing break in nature in the middle of your stroll, if you are tired from walking. Information: Map


8. “Togetsukyo” the Symbol of Arashiyama, Great for a Souvenir Photo


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Togetsukyo Bridge is the central landmark of Arashiyama area, and it is 155m long. The bridge is said to be constructed in the current location between the Sengoku Period (14th ~ 15th centuries) and the early part of the Edo Period (1603~1868 A.D.). However, the name “Togetsukyo” was coined much earlier. Emperor Kameyama (reigned 1259~1274) then saw the moon move over the bridge, and admired its beauty in the cloudless sky. He is said to have made a quaint poem that even the moon appeared to cross the bridge. “Togetsukyo” means the bridge that the moon crosses.

Depending on the season, the mountain in the back shows Togetsukyou with different appealing decorations; cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn foliage, and snow in winter. Even if you have visited the Arashiyama area several times already, I am sure you can discover a new face of Togetsukyo Bridge every time. Information: Map


9. “Shoryuen” for Finding Great Souvenirs for Family & Friends


Photo by flickr

If you visit Shoryuen, which has just opened in April 2014, you can purchase many souvenirs produced by famous shops there at once. You can find not only the food but also potteries, cloth-made accessories or bamboo products. Let’s drop by, as this is a great place to find souvenirs that are a little different from others. Information: Map


10. Arashiyama Foot Onsen to Reward Your Tired Feet from Walking

Photo by flickr

Before returning your rental kimono, this is a great spot you can stop by in the station of the Randen (Arashiyama Line). You can casually enjoy Arashiyama Onsen hot spring, and soothe your tired feet from walking all day.

It is only 200 yen and a towel is supplied, too! How about enjoying a foot bath while watching the trains and looking back at your day? Information: Map


How did you like this? As we explained here, Arashiyama area is packed with spots that even ladies traveling alone can fully enjoy. Of course these places are great for your travel plan including family or friends, too. We sincerely hope you come up with a great plan for your Japan trip and enjoy it, with our Kyoto Arashiyama sightseeing route as a reference.

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