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Japanese Food: Super Simple Recipe for Chestnut Rice “Kurigohan”

As you know, Japan has four seasons and each season has individually different charms. After the current late-summer heat comes to an end, autumn will start in Japan. Japanese fall climate is very cozy and comfortable, and many expressions have been passed down from the old days, including “shokuyoku no aki (fall is the season for appetite)”, “dokusho no aki (autumn – a season for reading)”, or “supootsu no aki (autumn is for sports)”, catch-phrases ending with “… no aki (autumn)”. This article is about “mikaku no aki (tastes in autumn)” among them.

Japanese food was registered as one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2013, and it has now gained wide popularity around the world. That being said, we would like to explain a super easy method to prepare delicious “kurigohan (chestnut rice)”. This is a Japanese dish that you can make easily at home, using seasonal ingredients and making the best of ingredient’s flavors as it is.

So long as you can get the ingredients, you can make it immediately. Please use this recipe as a reference.



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Chestnut: about 20 (net about 250g)
Uruchimai: 2 “go”
Mochigome (sticky rice): 1 “go” (If unavailable, substitute uruchimai.)
Salt: 3/4 tspn
Sake: 1 1/2 tbsp

*1. Ordinary Japanese rice is called “uruchimai”.
*2. “Go” is the unit to express volume of rice. 1 “go” is about 180ml or 150g


How to Prepare

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Wash the chestnuts and soak them in water for a few hours. This makes it easy to peel them. Then peel the chestnuts.

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Combine uruchimai and mochigome, and wash 3 “go” of rice together in water. Rinse several times until water is clear. Then let the rice soak up water for 30 minutes. Cooked rice will be soft by absorbing water.

Put water slightly less than shown in a rice cooker for 3 “go”, and then add salt and sake. Put the chestnuts on top and cook on normal setting.

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Once cooking is done, mix them lightly with a spatula.

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Serve in a bowl, and it is done!

This recipe for kurigohan allows you to enjoy earthly sweetness and fragrance of chestnut itself. We strongly urge you to try it at home and enjoy the taste of Japanese food.

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