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A Fantastic View Created by Miyazaki’s Nature, Known as “Ogre’s Washboard”

Miyazaki Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of Kyushu in Japan. This prefecture is warm and rich in nature, and it used to be a popular destination for honeymoons. Today many Japanese people regard this prefecture as a preferred training location of professional baseball teams.

Miyazaki City is the center of the prefectural governing, and it is located close to the center of this Miyazaki Prefecture. In this article we would like to introduce “Oni no Sentakuita” or “Ogre’s Washboard”, a tourist attraction in Miyazaki City. Title photo by flickr


Very Unusual Terrain That Surrounds Aoshima Island

Aoshima Island is located near the southeastern coast of Miyazaki City. Its circumference is 860m, and the area is shy of 11 acres. This Aoshima is surrounded by stratum made of alternating sandstone and mudstone layers.  As a result of erosion by waves, jagged surface is left that resembles a washboard. Thus it is commonly referred to as “Oni no Sentakuita (Ogre’s Washboard)”.

In addition, as the jagged terrain is very rare, it has been designated as one of Japan’s Natural Monuments, named as “Raised Seabed and Deformed Wave Erosion of Aoshima Island”.


Aoshima Shrine in the Tiny Island

Photo by flickr

On the isand, there is the Aoshima Shrine, and ordinary people were forbidden to enter this sacred place until the Edo Period (1603-1867). Today it is open to the general public, and has become popular as a tourist spot.

You can pay a visit and pray at Aoshima Shrine and walk on the Oni no Sentakuita. On days with nice weather, you can enjoy beautiful scenery with the sun reflecting off the sea surface.

And more than 200 kinds of plants have been identified on Aoshima Island. In particular, a large group of Livistona chinensis, a kind of palm trees, is designated as one of Japan’s Special Natural Monuments.


Viewing it From Afar while Driving

Photo by flickr

Spectacular view of Oni no Sentakuita is great when you land on Aoshima Island and actually walk on it. But we also recommend you to go for a drive on the coastal line and enjoy the view from a distance.

Miyazaki Prefecture is famous for its beautiful ocean and long seacoast extending north and south. When you drive along the coastline on a sunny day from Miyazaki City toward Nichinan City, the view of Oni no Sentakuita jumps into your eyes with the blue ocean in the background. The Oni no Sentakuita spreads vast along the coastline and its unusual terrain is breathtaking.


“Chicken Nanban”, a Miyazaki Specialty Dish

Photo by flickr

After you pay a visit to Aoshima Shrine and enjoy driving, how about trying the Miyazaki specialty dish “Chicken Nanban” for lunch? There are many restaurants in the area that serve “Chicken Nanban” for lunch, but we would like to particularly recommend the restaurant “Ogura” that serves this lunch dish with plenty of tartar sauce on it.

The main branch of the Ogura restaurant was founded in Miyazaki City of Miyazaki Prefecture in the year of 1956. This restaurant is famous as the birthplace of the Chicken Nanban. Nowadays you can eat Chicken Nanban everywhere in Japan, but as this restaurant is the originator of the dish, the authentic taste of both Chicken Nanban and tartar sauce is extraordinary, and it stands out from the rest. Official Website, Map


We have introduced in this article a set of Oni no Sentakuita, Aoshima Shrine and Chicken Nanban at Ogura restaurant. This is a common set for a sightseeing tour in Miyazaki. Please keep this in mind and try it yourself in this order when you have a chance to visit Miyazaki.

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