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Amazing Artistry! Manga ”Biorg Trinity” Emphasizes Imagery over Narrative

The style of this story is often seen in movies, and having set a top priority on the visual presentations, the work leaves the readers and viewers wondering about the impression and meaning. For example in movies, “2001: A Space Odyssey” has this style. When manga is created in this style with emphasis more on the mood and visual impressions than the storyline, they generally complete the story in one episode. ”Biorg Trinity” that we are introducing this time is a long manga, and unusual for this type of work with strong emphasis on the visual imagery.



In the world of this story a strange disease called “Bio Bug” has spread.

“Holes” open up on human bodies, and they allow the afflicted to suck in and absorb anything they desire.

Those who manage to utilize characteristics and abilities of what is absorbed as their own abilities are called “Bugglers”.


The main character “Fujii” is one of the people afflicted  by the “Bio Bug”, and he is also one of the “Bugglers”.

When his friend “Shoji Hosaka” was dying, “Fujii” has absorbed him into his own body in order to save the friend’s life.

Now “Fujii” has become one with “Shoji Hosaka”.

In addition “Shoji Hosaka” reveals that he is one of “Biorg Hunters” who are tasked to eliminate criminal “Bugglers”.

And “Fujii” is informed by “Shoji Hosaka” that the mission of “Biorg Hunters” is to protect “the center of the world” from criminal “Bugglers”.


 “The center of the world” turns out to be “Fumiho Enomoto”, with whom both “Fujii” and “Shoji Hosaka” have fallen in love with.



1. Fujii

He is the main character of this story.

He is a high school student, and Fumiho Enomoto, his classmate, is his first love.

His personality is positive and constructive, but he is secretly feeling inferiority complex to Shoji Hosaka, who is a good friend of Fumiho Enomoto

After being “united” with Shoji Hosaka, Fujii shows also ruthlessness as a “Biorg Hunter”, perhaps because of Shoji’s influence.

2. Shoji Hosaka

He is the other main character of this story.

His nickname is “Hosa” or “Hosa-kun”.

He is actually a “Biorg Hunter” that hunts criminal “Bugglers”, who are aiming to conquer “the center of the world”.

He is cool, calm and collected. By being “united” with Fujii, he has started to notice the abnormality of their world.

3. Fumiho Enomoto

She is a high school student who is in the same class with Fujii.

She is apparently a childhood friend of Shoji Hosaka.

She is referred to as “Fumiho”.

She is merry and popular in her class like an idol.

She is actually “the center of the world” and linked to the world itself. For example when she is physically down, the weather around the world gets bad.

4. Kiwako Imoto

She is a high school student in the same class with Fujii, and a “Buggler” fused with a motorcycle.

She can take advantage of the motorcycle’s mobility, extending wheels from her arms and legs.

Friends call her “Kiwako” or “Kiwa”.

She likes Fujii and tries to take care of him.

Because of this tendency, she has been caught up in the current incident.

5. Urano / Uranus

He is the class president of Fujii’s class, but a high school student who talks in a feminine manner.

He is actually the boss, “Uranus” of “21 Stars in the Sky”, an organization of criminal Biorgs. Therefore he is a nemesis of “Biorg Hunters”.

6. Chieri Matsukage

She is another high school student and belongs to the same class with Fujii and others.

She used to be one of the normal “Bugglers”, but she has absorbed the person she loved.

Since then she has joined Urano’s “21 Stars in the Sky” and become hostile against Fujii and his group.



This story was produced by two people; the original story was written by Otaro Maijo, and the manga adaptation was made by Oh! Great (Ogure Ito).

This work basically belongs to a common type of Japanese manga that feature battles among those with special abilities. However this particular story places emphasis on expressions of psychological images. It is a piece of pop art completed with excellent sense of design.

There are no scientific researches or explanations. From the first page, the story throws the readers into an unknown world that is very similar to the real world.

At the beginning the readers may be confused. However, a storyline does exist in this piece. It is a rare story that lets the readers to reconfigure and interpret the storyline in order to continue reading on.

As you keep reading it, you will find yourself being completely familiar with the world of this story and looking for the core of this attractive and psychedelic world of pop art.

This is a piece that puts priority on the feeling and impression instead of the meaning behind the story.

Rather than “reading” this manga, the readers may feel being immersed in the world created with excellent sense of design.

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