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5 Must-Visit Spots of Kochi: The Prefecture with the Richest Nature in Japan

Located in Shikoku Island of Japan, Kochi Prefecture has about 90 percent of its land area covered with woods and is the most nature-rich prefecture in Japan. It is also well known for the Shimanto River, which is often referred to as “Japan’s last pure stream.” Also, the prefecture is notable as a birthplace of many samurais from the late Edo Period, who contributed to the foundation of modern Japan.

Which spot in Kochi Prefecture is a must-visit for day trippers? Where in Kochi is a good tourist destination for those from outside of Japan to pay a casual visit to? Check out this article for the perfect answers.


Breathtaking Scenery along the Coast of Katsurahama!

Writer’s Photo

Kochi is famous as a birth place of Ryoma Sakamoto. His statue stands on the coast of Katsurahama, the area around which is known as one of the best scenic sites of the prefecture.

Our top recommendation spot from the Katsurahama Area is Ryuozaki Cape. The coastal scenery you can enjoy from this spot is exquisite. It is definitely one of the must-visit spots for anyone visiting the prefecture. You will surely be able to fully enjoy the grandeur of nature here. Information: Map

*Be careful with the strong waves here especially when you go near the water.

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Feel a Closeness to Ryoma at Ryoma Memorial Museum

Writer’s Photo: The statue in this photo is not the one on Kasturahama.

At Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum, you can learn about the life and personality of Ryoma Sakamoto and see his letters and other personal articles exhibited. Anyone interested in samurai and Japanese history from the end of the Tokugawa Period to Meiji Restoration can truly enjoy this museum and feel a very close affinity to Ryoma.

The museum can be reached in just about 10 minute by taxi from Katsurahama. Make sure to drop by on your way to or back from the coast. Information: Map


Panoramic View of Kochi City from the Observatory in Mt. Godai

Writer’s Photo

This is another great scenic spot commanding a panoramic view of Urado Bay and downtown Kochi. According to the locals, you can enjoy an even more fantastic view here at night when the moon light is reflected on the sea surface.

There is also a saying related to the observatory.
“Your love will be fulfilled if you hang a lock at the observatory of Mt. Godai.”…

This is why you can find many padlocks hanging here at the observatory. Information: Map

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Feel Japanese History at Chikurinji Temple


Writer’s Photo

We’ve covered some of the best places where you can enjoy the nature. Now let’s turn our eyes onto the sites where you can get close to the tradition and history of Japan.

Within a short distance from the observatory in Mt. Godai, there is Chikurinji Temple, Among the 88 temples all located in Shikoku for Buddhist pilgrims to visit on their pilgrimage tour this temple makes the 31st temple. The temple enshrines a statue of Monju Bosatsu, which is counted as one of the three major Monju Bosatsu statues in Japan and always attracts many visitors.

At this temple situated in the nature, you will surely be able to feel a very authentic Japanese atmosphere. Information: Map

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Enjoying Local Specialty Foods at Hirome Market

Writer’s Photo: Entrance to Hirome Market

Hirome Market (Hirome Ichiba) in Kochi City is the place to check out when you are in Kochi and feel the need to quench your appetite. The market is always filled with lively atmosphere and the shops lined up here are very welcoming and friendly.

Writer’s Photo: Bonito Sashimi

Especially recommendable and fabulous among other gourmet items here is the bonito sashimi (raw sliced fish meat). Bonito sashimi and ice cold beer together make an incredibly superb combination. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the market and savor the great tastes!


How did you find our recommendation tourist spots of Koichi? Kochi is counted among the most rural prefectures in Japan. But all the more for the fact, Kochi can provide a whole different “another Japan” experience, which you cannot enjoy in other cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

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