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Manga “Embalming”: A Frankenstein Story by Author of “Rurouni Kenshin”

Speaking of famous monsters, vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein and so on come to our minds. Unlike other monsters, Frankenstein is an artificial monster created by humans. What if such production techniques had advanced and were used in the society? “Embalming” which
we would like to introduce this time is a story of such a world.



The story unfolds in Great Britain, the time is right after the industrial revolution.

The main character, “Fury Flatliner’ was waging a battle in the wilderness in the dead of winter in order to avenge his murdered family.

However, his enemy has overwhelmed him, and he has lost.

The defeated Fury regains his consciousness and finds out that a female doctor named Dr. Peaberry helped him.


Fury challenges the enemy again, and he wins.

Then he learns the enemy is a “dead person” and an artificial human.

And he also learns he himself is already “dead” and has been revived by Dr. Peaberry as an artificial human.

Fury considers that artificial humans should not exist as they play with human lives and distort them. He heads to London in order to eliminate Dr. Peaberry and artificial humans altogether.



1. Fury Flatliner

He is the main character of this story.

He gives off a scary impression with unkempt long hair and harsh almond-shaped eyes, but he is actually a good person who loves justice and taking care of others.

He is picked up by Dr. Peaberry and reborn as an artificial human.

His special abilities as an artificial human are raising bodily electricity to the limit and attacking enemies by electric shocks.

In addition, he can speed up neurotransmission current and improve his reflexes, and raise his physical abilities as well.

2. Dr. Peaberry

Her full name is Hildegard Peaberry.

She is a female doctor that originally belonged to a secret society named “Polar Route”, which creates artificial humans.

But she lost her position in “Polar Route” relating to an incident and was forced out of the society.

She has been looking for material to create an artificial human with extraordinary abilities in order to destroy the secret society “Polar Route”, which expelled her.

3. Ashuhito Richter

He is the eldest son of Richter Family, the most important member of the secret society “Polar Route”.

He has lost his right leg in the past when he was involved in a destructive incident caused by artificial humans. He has a powerful gun equipped in his right prosthetic leg.

He has also lost his childhood friend Elm in the incident. He has been traveling with Elm, who was revived as an artificial human, looking for a way to return Elm back to a human being.

4. Elm L. Renegade

She was originally a childhood friend of Ashuhito Richter.

She is reborn as an artificial human and lost her past memories. Currently she is traveling together with Ashuhito Richter.

She is one of the masterpiece artificial humans of the secret society “Polar Route”, and she has special abilities in regeneration of skin.

Furthermore, she can stretch, contract, or harden her nails and hair, converting them into weapons.

5. Lord Corpse

His real name is Tote Schatten.

He is the leader of artificial humans’ organization, “Evening Party That Inherits the Soul and Wills of Frankenstein’s Monsters”.

He is a dangerous person who is aiming to change the entire mankind into artificial humans.



The story centers on themes of fictional science of artificial humans and premodern England, and it has created a parallel world that reminds of steampunk.

Though it is a fantasy story, solid historic research has given reality to the story.

The characters have different objectives and expectations, and these multiple thoughts intertwine and drive the story.

And they are led to the hidden secrets of “The One”, the first artificial human created by Dr. Frankenstein.

The illustration style is typical of Japanese anime, but if you are familiar with Japanese manga, you can probably enjoy the story without resistance.

“Embalming” is a new story based on the Frankenstein that appeared in many movies and literary works.

The story also includes many historical figures and characters that were famous back then.

Looking for such “hidden characters” is another way to enjoy reading this story.

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