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Enjoy Cute Japanese Bread at Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall (Kanagawa)

“Anpanman” is a hugely popular character to children nationwide in Japan. Anpanman is a hero whose face is made of anpan, sweet bean-jam bun. And he is known to rip a part of his bun-face and give it to crying children.

Anpanman was originally a character in picture books, but it has long been broadcasted on TV as anime for children to date. Almost all toy sections for children in Japanese stores are selling Anpanman toys.

Some people outside of Japan might have come to know the name of Anpanman in association with the similarly named “Wanpanman (One Punch Man)”, whose anime has become internationally known in recent years.

This time we would like to introduce “Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall”, which is a popular place where children can interact with their hero, Anpanman. It is located in Kobe, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka, etc., and I visited the Anpanman Museum in Yokohama this time.

Writer’s Photo

The Anpanman Museum in Yokohama is in Minato Mirai 21 area, and it is 7 minutes’ walk from the Shin-Takashima Station on the Minato Mirai Line. When you enter the premises, you will see the tall Anpanman clock tower in the square.

It is a museum of children’s hero after all, and you see many tourists gathered there are families with children. The story of Anpanman has many popular characters, and children can meet them in the square, including “Shokupan Man”, “Kareepan Man”, “Baikin Man”, or “Dokin-chan” (“White Bread Man”, “Curry Bread Man”, “Germ Man”, & “Dokin-chan”).

The Anpanman Museum consists of three separate areas; “Wanpaku Town”, “Fureai Town”, and “Nakayoshi Town”.


<“Wanpaku Town” on the First Floor for Energetic Play>
There are coin-operated lockers and stroller parking area. The place is well equipped with spaces for children to rough and tumble play as much as they like, such as a play area for babies and toddlers, a rainbow-colored slide, and Anpanman’s hill where children can play with large Anpanman balls.

<“Fureai Town” on the Second Floor for Social Play>
There are Kids Room, Takashi Yanase Memorial Gallery, and “Everyone’s Town” where children can enjoy playing shop. Educational videos featuring Anpanman are screened, too.

<“Nakayoshi Town” on the Third Floor with Diorama of Anpanman’s World>
There is a diorama that has recreated the world of Anpanman, and an area where children can drive Anpanman’s vehicle, “Anpanman-go”.


The facility consists of spaces primarily for children to play as described above, but it provides an area that entertains adults too, as a matter of fact.

Writer’s Photo

The name of the area is “Uncle Jam’s Bread Factory”.

Left: Ms. Butter, Right: Uncle Jam (Writer’s Photo)

In this place Anpanman character bread is baked on the site, and you can buy freshly baked bread and eat it in the café. Many families appear to be taking a break here, after letting their children play plenty.

Writer’s Photo

The menu board displays the words “Love and courage (contained in bread)” as it should in the world of Anpanman, will make you smile naturally.

Writer’s Photo

The store is filled with aroma of freshly baked bread, and cute character bread comes out of the oven one after another, brought to the store front, and is linee up on the shelves. One of the characteristics of the Anpanman story is its large number of characters. More than 1500 characters appeared in the story by 2009, so you may end up needing some time to decide which character bread you would like to have.

In addition to eating them in the store, they will make a great gift to make families with children happy without doubt.

“Shokupan Man” (White Bread Man), Writer’s Photo

The Anpanman Museum is a rare facility that has play spaces, rest spaces and gift shops, and it will let children fully immerse themselves in the world of Anpanman. Sometimes concerts are held in the Anpanman Square, too, so enjoy it with cute delicious Japanese bread in your hand. If you have a plan to bring your family to Japan, please don’t forget this establishment. Information: MapOfficial Website (En)

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