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MR. FRIENDLY Café in Daikan-yama Tokyo Soothes You with Cute Sweets

FRIENDLY is a social character created in 1988 by the student brand “S・PAPA” with the concept to promote amicable interaction among friends. It has been loved for years as a character of sweets and general goods regardless of age, and MR.FRIENDLY café is located in Daikan-yama.

When we think about MR. FRIENDLY, his characteristics come to our mind, and his soothing face looks a little troubled with falling eyebrows. At MR.FRIENDLY café, this cute MR.FRIENDLY welcomes you and from the entrance to every corner of the café, it is decorated with MR.FRIENDLY.

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MR.FRIENDLY café also uses this soothing character in many parts of the food menu. The café is located at about 5 minutes’ walk from the north exit of the Daikan-yama Station, and it is open between 11 AM and 8 PM. From lunch time to dinner time, the café offers the guests to enjoy different scenes. It is attractive as an ideal place to wind down and relax after walking around and shopping in Daikan-yama.

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The cute look of the café welcomes you and makes you happy just by looking at it from the street. The café is glass-walled with sunshine streaming into it on sunny days, and you can dine in a bright, merry atmosphere.

In addition, as a store adjacent to the café offers MR.FRIENDLY general goods or clothes, you can enjoy shopping while you are waiting for your order to arrive.

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When you enter the café, the ambience is warm with mainly wood décor, and it is covered with MR.FRIENDLY, including cushions and interior decorations. It offers wooden bench sofa seats and colorful chair seats, and the atmosphere is somewhat different between the window side and in the back. You might need a second to decide which space to take.

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Countless MR.FRIENDLY goods are displayed in this manner, thus even the waiting time is exciting.

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The menu of MR. FRIENDLY café offers essentially pancakes only. The feature item is mini pancakes shaped like MR. FRIENDLY with whipped cream on the side to go with it.

The pancakes come in three flavors; plain, cocoa & mixed flavor. Additional seasonal flavors include choco-chip-caramel-coffee-milk flavor and ricotta cheese flavor. The price is 302 yen for 7 pieces, 680 yen for 18 pieces and premium flavors for limited periods are priced at 572 yen for 9 pieces. A bite fills your mouth with gentle sweet aroma, and because the pancake is bite-size, you will have finished eating them in no time.

You can take them out in addition to eating them in the café, so this might make a good gift to be appreciated.

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Several messages like this are seen on the restroom doors and the walls. You will notice meticulous attention is paid to every place of the café, and even coasters and cups have MR.FRIENDLY in various sizes and colors. When you visit the café, you can try to find the MR.FRIENDLY theme in other places than the main item of pancakes.


Daikan-yama is within a walking distance from Shibuya. When you drop by the area for shopping or dinner, it may be fun to finish your other activities quickly to spend a soothing time at MR. FRIENDLY café. Information: Map

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