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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office: Symbolic Building in 2020 Olympic City

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is a building established in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district in 1991 and it consists of 6 elements: Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1, Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2, Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building, Citizens’ Plaza, Fureai Mall and Observation Decks. This is one of the recommended sightseeing spots where you can enjoy at reasonable prices regardless of your ages, genders and nationalities. Tokyo will be the host of Olympics in 2020. Here is the way to enjoy Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, which along with the Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Tokyo.  


45th Floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1 : North Observation Deck

A view from the North Observation Deck (Writer’s Photo)

The North Observation Deck is accessible for free from 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. (Closes on December 29th – 31st, January 2nd – 3rd and inspection days). You can see a panoramic view of Tokyo’s cityscape from 202m above the ground and you can see Tokyo Tower, SkyTree and, if the weather is nice, Mt. Fuji.

*There is the South Observation Deck as well but its opening hours are different.

Souvenirs of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Displayed at a Vendor’s Booth (Writer’s Photo)

Character Goods Displayed at the Vendor (Writer’s Photo)

Good View Tokyo (Writer’s Photo)

There is a vendor at the Observation Deck and it handles many items including souvenirs of Tokyo and toys. There also is “Good View Tokyo”, a restaurant with a spectacular view, and you can have lunch at about 1,500 JPY. The restaurant has a romantic mood at night so it is recommended as a dating spot as well.


32nd Floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1 : Staff Canteens

Writer’s Photo

Even though they are called Staff Canteens, they are open to the public. Many varieties of dishes are available in their menu including Japanese dishes, Western set meals, Chinese set meals, Chinese noodles and Japanese noodles. There are also dishes that are only available at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office such as Tocho Curry, Tocho Ramen and Tocho Bento Lunchbox (Tocho refers to the metropolitan government office), so make sure to try them when you visit Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. Prices are reasonable ranging around 600 JPY to 700 JPY. Lunchtime starts from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (closes on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).


1st Floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1 : Tokyo Tourist Information, Tocho Honbu

Writer’s Photo

The place offers information on the sightseeing spots and sightseeing routes in Tokyo as well as information on traffic access, lodging facilities of Tokyo and free Wi-Fi service spots. Information is available in multiple languages including English, Chinese and Korean so overseas tourists can get information without any problems. It is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. throughout the year (closes on New Year’s holiday and inspection days).    


2nd Floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1 : North Side, Japanese Prefectural Tourism PR Corner

Picture Shows Nara Prefecture (Writer’s Photo)

This is an area set up as a transmission base of Japanese prefectural tourism information. Depending on the period of time, it features tourism information of different areas so you will find something new every time you visit the place.


Citizens’ Plaza at Basement Level 1 : Specialty Canteens (Restaurant Area)

Koga (Ramen), Writer’s Photo

Ise (Pork Cutlet), Writer’s Photo

There are restaurants featuring Chinese dishes, pork cutlet, soba noodles, ramen or buffet. It costs around 1,000 JPY but many of their dishes are very filling so they are recommended especially for men.  

Azabu Nagasaka Sarashina Honten (Soba), Writer’s Photo

They offer authentic handmade soba noodles and you can actually see them making soba from outside of the restaurant so it should be very enjoyable.

Throughout the government office, there are also many other works of Japanese and overseas artists and works sent from the public exhibited there.

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Lit Up in Olympic Colors

Writer’s Photo

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office will be lit up in Olympic colors starting from August 5th to 24th in 2016, and in Paralympic colors starting from September 7th to 21st.


From the international community, Japan is often said to have an image of fusing “history” and “advanced technology” together. Please don’t miss this opportunity to look around Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, a skyscraper built using advanced technology.

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