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Affordable Delicious Sushi in Omotesando, Tokyo: Heiroku Sushi

We can find tons of sushi bars & restaurants everywhere in Japan, from the worst to the best one, and from the cheapest to the most expensive one. You don’t have to walk so much to find sushi in Tokyo, as the smallest neighborhoods have their sushi shops, either chain stores or self-owned stores. Image Source: play-life

Heiroku Sushi is a chain sushi restaurant, with branches that spread across Hokkaido, Tohoku area, and Kanto area. As a pioneer of conveyor belt sushi, Heiroku Sushi provides sushi with its own vibe, menu, and atmosphere. You can find Heiroku Sushi in several different neighborhoods in Tokyo, but today I’d like to share about my experience visiting Heiroku Sushi in Omotesando.


heiroku-sushi2Image Source: Tabelog

Heiroku Sushi is located across the street from Omotesando Hills, serving fresh Edomae, or Edo-style Sushi for over 35 years. Heiroku Sushi offers you different kinds of delicious sushi with affordable prices, which makes this place very famous both among the locals and the foreigners.

The price of the sushi at Heiroku Sushi starts at 100 JPY / plate (33 choices), then climbs to 140 JPY / plate (27 choices), 170 JPY / plate (17 choices), 230 JPY / plate (12 choices), 290 JPY / plate (8 choices), and 390 JPY / plate (9 choices), which is very cheap compared to other Edomae sushi restaurants. The waiter will calculate your bill by counting the type of the plates, so don’t forget to stack your plates when you’re done eating the sushi. The shop also has the plates mounted on the wall with the price, so you won’t get confused and still can eat the sushi within your budget.

heiroku-sushi3Image Source: Tabelog

The waiters, waitresses, and the chefs at Heiroku Sushi are very friendly to all visitors. Some of them speak English as well, and sometimes one of the chefs greets and talks to the foreign customers in English. Heiroku Sushi also provides menu in English, so you can order the sushi easily without any hassles.

In addition to the regular menu, they also have the seasonal menu and the special menu. These menus usually serve 3 – 4 pieces of sushi on a plate, which are worth the try. The special menu for tuna costs 590 JPY, which consists 4 pieces of tuna/maguro with various levels of fat, color, and taste.

heiroku-sushi4Image Source: Tabelog

You can also enjoy eating the fusion style sushi, as Heiroku Sushi also serves sushi rolls such as California roll. You can also enjoy many different kinds of appetizers and desserts at this restaurant, as it serves karaage, ice creams, cakes, and other types of sweets.

I recommend you to visit Heiroku Sushi if you want to enjoy eating delicious sushi without hurting your trip budget! Learn and find more about sushi here!

<Heiroku Sushi Omotesando>
Jingumae 5 Chome House
5-8-5 Jingumae
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
150-0001 JAPAN, Map

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