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Enjoy a Discount Kyushu Trip with “Kyushu Fukko Wari” Part II!

The number of tourists in Kyushu had plummeted due to the successive earthquakes that started in Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures on April 14, 2016 (Kumamoto earthquakes).  In an effort to bring back tourists to the Kyushu region, “Kyushu Fukko Wari (restoration discount)” was offered to the public starting on July 1, 2016. Its popularity was such that discount coupons were completely sold out within a few hours  on the very first day of the sale. Photo:

And “Kyushu Fukko Wari Part II”, offered in late July 2016, has been as popular as the preceding offer. If you use “Kyushu Fukko Wari Part II” currently on sale, the applicable travel period overlaps with the summer vacation season. How about planning a trip to Kyushu at discount, taking advantage of this great chance?


What is “Kyushu Fukko Wari”?

“Kyushu Fukko Wari” was established by the Japanese government in order to support tourism in Kyushu and call back tourists to the Kyushu region. The discount coupons, when used during the applicable travel period, allow you to enjoy trips in Kyushu to the fullest at more affordable costs. 

<The Applicable Travel Period of Part II>

From July to September, 2016

<The Discount Rates of Part II You Would Like to Know>

Up to 70% … Kumamoto & Oita Prefectures
Up to 50% … Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Miyazaki & Kagoshima Prefectures


The Eligible Areas for Part II

Kumamoto Prefecture (Kumamoto Castle),

Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka Tower),

Oita Prefecture (Beppu),

Nagasaki Prefecture (Battleship Island, Gunkan-jima), Writer’s Photo

Saga Prefecture (Yoshinogari Archaeological Site),

Kagoshima Prefecture (Yakushima Island),

Miyazaki Prefecture (Takachiho Gorge),


Trip Plans Covered by Part II

– Trips with lodgings in Kyushu
– Trips with transportation to and lodging in Kyushu
– Day trips to destinations in Kyushu
*Because the discount project is offered by a national grant, the sale ends as soon as the total cost reaches the predetermined limit.


How to Apply for Fukko Wari Part II

1. Via Travel Booking Sites

Rakuten Travel:
Rurubu Travel:
Yahoo Travel:
Kinki Nippon Tourist:
Nippon Travel Agency:
Tobu Top Tours:
Meitetsu World Travel:
Japan Airlines (JALPAK):
All Nippon Airways (ANA Sales):
Nishitetsu Travel:
JR Kyushu Travel:

*On-line travel booking sites only offer sales for “Trips with lodgings in Kyushu” and “trips with transportation to and lodging in Kyushu”.
*When travel bookings are made via online booking sites, lodging discount coupons by prefectures sold at convenience stores and other locations cannot be applied to the lodging fees.  

2. Over the Counter at Travel Agencies

Sales start as soon as trip plans become available.

Fukuoka Prefecture:
Saga Prefecture:
Nagasaki Prefecture:
Kumamoto Prefecture:
Oita Prefecture:
Miyazaki Prefecture:
Kagoshima Prefecture:

3. Kushu Fukko Wari Lodging Discount Coupons

Lodging discount coupons applicable in Kumamoto Prefecture are available on a special website of “Visit! Kumamoto”. Discount coupons for lodgings in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Oita, and Miyazaki Prefectures can be purchased at dispenser terminals in convenience stores nationwide. (For Saga and Kagoshima Prefectures, sales of Kyushu Fukko Wari lodging discount coupons are not scheduled.)

<Please contact each prefecture for more information on travel and coupon sales.>
Fukuoka Prefecture: 0570-002-066
Nagasaki Prefecture:095-826-9417
Kumamoto Prefecture:050-3775-4724
Oita Prefecture:0570-065-333
Miyazaki Prefecture:0985-24-4730


A photo campaign is underway between July 20 and September 30, 2016. From the photos of “Genki na (energetic/healthy) Kyushu” posted on Instagram or Facebook, 100 will be randomly selected to receive fine Kyushu products. If you travel to Kyushu, please take photos and post them with the hashtag “#KyushuFukkoWari” and the name of the prefecture where the photo is taken as a hashtag (prize winners are limited to residents of Japan). Please don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to make great memories of Kyushu and obtain carefully selected gems of Kyushu products. Official Website

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