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The Lockup, Tokyo’s Prison Restaurant: Arrested upon Entrance!

In Japan, there are many restaurants that are categorized as concept restaurants. A concept restaurant is a restaurant which follows a certain setting to create a unique world.

“The Lockup” is one of them and its world view is especially unique as the restaurant uses a prison as its theme! It’s not just an ordinary prison either. It’s a horrifying prison with monsters imprisoned. In this article, we would like to introduce The Lockup Shibuya Branch.  

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Going through a long, winding passage that looks like a cave, you will finally reach the entrance of the restaurant. Immediately after your entrance, you will be asked by a staff in a police-like costume “Who did the worst misdeed today?”.  Handcuffs will be put on those who admitt that they did the worst misdeed and they will be taken to their seats. These seats are prepared in a room that looks completely like a prison cell.

Everything happens here is out of the ordinary. This is a restaurant that offers “that kind of play” as its service.


Losing Your Appetite? Surprising Dishes on the Menu

Another shocking thing about this restaurant is the appearance of its menu. Here are some of them.

1. Alchemic Cocktail Set

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Various colors of liquid are transferred to a beaker using a dropper and mixed to drink.

2. Basilisk’s Cold Gaze

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Basilisk is a legendary snake and you will get killed just by placing your sight on it. It is topped with a Basilisk’s eyeball-like thing, assuming from the name of the cocktail, which is really disgusting. 

3. Devil’s Left Hand

It’s spicy chicken which looks like it will start moving any minute.

4. Hexed Boiled Egg

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A boiled egg is topped with seaweed shaped like a kanji symbol of “noroi (hex)”. It tastes really good like an ordinary seasoned-boiled egg, but it’s a Russian roulette menu in which one out of four is really spicy.

What’s odd about this restaurant is that all of their dishes which look grotesque at first glance are actually very tasty. You will surely be surprised at what you would expect from their appearances and how it actually tastes.


Show Time! Monsters Escaping

Every couple of hours, an attraction in which imprisoned monsters escape the prison and attack customers in the restaurant is held. When that time comes, the music of the restaurant changes drastically and monsters enter your private room in dark with the lights turned off. You can hear screams of customers everywhere. When the restaurant is in attraction mode, they will stop taking orders and concentrate on making it exciting. The attraction will end after about 15 minutes and they will resume taking orders again. This theme-park-like attraction with horror aspect is one of their allures.

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Now, what to do after you thoroughly enjoyed the imprisoned life? We must admit their concept setting here as well but they express the cost of a meal as bail money. You will be released if you could pay up your bail money but you will surely find the night town surprisingly bright when you reached outside after going through the long, winding passage again.

The Lockup is a chain-restaurant that has branches in Shibuya, Ueno and Shinjuku of Tokyo as well as a couple other branches all across the country. If you are courageous enough to be arrested, try stopping by at this restaurant. Information: Map

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