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Bikkuri Donkey (Restaurant): Eat Your Burger with Rice, not Buns!

Have you ever heard about Bikkuri Donkey? Bikkuri Donkey (literally means surprised donkey) is a Japanese chain restaurant that serves Japanese style burgers! Japanese style burgers?!?! Yes it is!!! At Bikkuri Donkey you don’t eat the burgers with buns, you eat it with rice and salad on a plate! Originally from Hokkaido, Bikkuri Donkey offers you a new food culture with its high quality burger steak! Image Source: Flickr


Bikkuri-Donkey2– Burger Steak & Fried Potato at Bikkuri Donkey – Image Source: Flickr

Bikkuri Donkey has many branches all over Japan, and the concept of each branch is different. At Bikkuri Donkey, you can enjoy the Japanese style burger steak, which is made by mixing both pork and beef. The burgers at Bikkuri Donkey are made by order, so you have to wait for at least 15 minutes to have the burger ready.

Bikkuri-Donkey3– Burger with Toppings at Bikkuri Donkey – Image Source: Flickr

Bikkuri Donkey serves two kinds of burger dishes: dish burger or steak burger. The dish burger is served on a wooden plate with salad and rice, and the steak burger is served on a hotplate with vegetables and fried potatoes. The dish burger menu offers you the regular burger, burger with toppings, burgers with fillings, fondue burger, and curry burger. The steak burger offers you a similar menu as dish burger, but without the curry option. You can also order the combination menu for steak burger, e.g.: regular burger with ebi fry (fried shrimp) or regular burger with fried chicken. For the burgers with filling, you can enjoy the potato salad burger or the mushroom & cheese burger.

Bikkuri-Donkey4– Cheese Fondue Dish Burger at Bikkuri Donkey – Image Source: Flickr

Bikkuri Donkey also offers delicious salads, which are made with fresh vegetables and low calorie dressings. The fried potato is incredibly delicious and it served with Bikkuri Donkey’s special tomato sauce and mayonnaise. The side dishes that Bikkuri Donkey offers taste very tempting, so you should definitely try one of the dishes together with your friends!

Bikkuri-Donkey5– Mermaid Salad & Caesar Salad – Image Source: Flickr

The other thing that I like the most from Bikkuri Donkey is its choice of desserts! Bikkuri Donkey offers different kind of parfaits that are made with Hokkaido’s soft-serve ice cream and other high quality ingredients! The soft-serve ice cream at Bikkuri Donkey is very soft but thick, and tastes completely different from the soft ice cream sold by other restaurants. Bikkuri Donkey also offers seasonal desserts, which look very tempting and delicious!

Bikkuri-Donkey6– Spring’s Strawberry Parfait at Bikkuri Donkey – Image Source: Flickr

Overall, Bikkuri Donkey is a good chain restaurant that you should definitely visit during your stay in Japan! Grab your family members or your friends to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner at Bikkuri Donkey! Read this (Japanese Only) for more information about Bikkuri Donkey!

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