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Akakara, Super Spicy Hotpot Chain Restaurant from Nagoya!

Most people would prefer to have cold drinks or eat ice cream in summer, but hey, don’t you know that eating spicy food will actually cool you down on a hot day? Eating spicy food on a hot day will actually give you a long lasting solution as it raises your internal temperature until it matches the temperature on the outside. The blood circulation increases and you’ll be sweating a lot evaporating the moisture in your body. Once it has evaporated, you’ve cooled off. Summer in Japan is very humid, and you need to evaporate the moisture to completely cool down. You should visit Akakara, a Japanese chain restaurant that serves super spicy hotpot to cool you down this summer! Photo:

akakara-nabe-restaurant1– Akakara Nabe Level 10 – Image Source: Tabelog

Originally from Nagoya, Akakara serves ‘Akakara Nabe’ (赤から鍋(なべ)) a spicy hotpot that uses a blend of red peppers and red miso (aka miso) from Nagoya, which is the secret ingredients of its incredible soup. You can choose the spiciness of the hotpot from level 0 to level 10, so if you’re not good with spicy food, you can still enjoy eating at Akakara. I’d recommend level 0 – 1 if you don’t like spicy food, level 2 – 4 for beginners, level 5 – 6 for intermediates, and level 7 – 10 for experts.  Level 5 – 6 will give you a stinging sensation and level 7 – 10 will give your tongue a burning sensation. Based on the review of tabelog, some customers say that the burning sensation remains until the next day. Level 10 was not a big deal for me since I grew up in Indonesia and have been eating spicy food for many years.

akakara-yakiniku-restaurant– Akakara Yakiniku – Image Source: Flickr

The minimum order for Akakara Nabe is for 2 persons, and you can order two different levels of spiciness with “SEPA (separated) Nabe (hotpot) only at Akakara Udagawacho. Inside the hotpot, you can find juicy chicken pieces, horumon (beef intestines), and vegetables. You can order additional ingredients for the hotpot such as tofu, mushrooms, beef, chicken, pork, and seafood if you want to. The staff will bring you the hotpot and will turn on the stove to cook the food, and you have to wait for about 10 minutes for the hotpot to be ready. When the hotpot is ready, you can smell the stinging red peppers and aka miso. You can also feel the soup dancing and tickling your tongue with its spiciness while eating.

akakara-restaurant– Cheese Risotto – Image Source: Flickr

In the end, you can make rice porridge with egg, or cheese risotto if you choose rice as your shime (literally means finish, so shime is the finishing dish). Other than rice, you can also choose the ramen or kishimen (Japanese flat noodle) as your shime. Other than the hotpot, you should definitely try the ‘Tori Seseri (Aka)’, red miso marinated grilled chicken neck meat. You should also try the Akakara ramen, which is also very tasty. Depending on the location of the branch, you can also try Akakara’s yakiniku too.

For more information about Akakara’s branches, click here!

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