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9 Tokyo Restaurants & Confectioners Offering Gluten Free Options

Given the global trend of gluten-free diets, Japan has also seen an increase in restaurants that specialize in gluten-free diet or have added gluten-free dishes in their menu offering. There have also been restaurants that have picked up on the traditional Japanese buckwheat noodle “soba” being gluten free and tried to arrange them into pasta dishes.

*Notice: Please note that the information listed here is not guaranteed to be suitable for those with celiac disease.



The store in Japan where you can enjoy the first gluten-free fresh “SOBA” pasta.

All the items on the menu, including the pasta sauce are gluten-free. All the fresh soba pasta is made in-house so you can enjoy the aroma of fresh soba.

Other than pasta, they offer 100% buckwheat galette, organically grown coffee, decaffeinated coffee, variety of herb teas; so you see they are completely health oriented. In the summer you want to try their new dish, “Cold capellini, fresh soba pasta”.



Area: Asakusabashi, Map
Closed: Sunday, Holidays


2. Soranoiro


This is a store listed in Michelin Guide Tokyo of 2015, 2016 as well as the Bib Gourmand.

As of 2016, they operate 3 affiliated branches. All branches focus on the naturally delicious flavors of vegetables and are highly regarded as ramen restaurants that are both beautiful and healthy.

The Vegan Vege Soba, which is made for vegans, does not use any animal based ingredients in its noodles, soup or toppings and is popular among women. For the noodles, customers are able to choose the option of gluten free noodle made from rice flour. Their summertime limited menu, Vegan Hiyashi-Chuka (Chilled Chinese style noodles) offered at the main branch, should be perfect for a hot day.

Soranoiro – Japanese soup noodle free style (Main Branch), Map
Closed: Saturday

Soranoiro NIPPON (Inside Tokyo Station), Map
Open 7 Days a week
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Closed: Sunday, Monday (Other Irregular Holidays)


3. Gluten Free Café Little Bird

The pizza and choux burger using crispy textured choux pastry made from rice powder has lots of fillings like bacon, cheese and vegetables and is very satisfying. The pancake served for dessert is full of sweetness from their specialty custard crème and fruits.

Because it is a gluten-free restaurant, there are many customers who visit from afar. There are also comments left on Facebook from customers from overseas who have visited and wrote in to show their appreciation.



Area: Yoyogi Hachiman, Map
Closed: To be confirmed


4. Wara


The 1st floor is a bakery that specializes in rice flour breads; they are featured quite often in mass media. The 2nd floor is a café where diners can enjoy lunch or dinner that uses seasonal ingredients shipped right from the source. 

For lunch, they offer all you can eat rice-flour breads; the breads are popular for their chewy texture. Desserts like their 100% rice flour pancakes are also delicious.

However, because they are not a completely gluten-free restaurant, you want to make sure when choosing breads or items on the menu. The quality of cooking is high and the leisurely and spacious atmosphere is pleasant.



Area: Jiyugaoka, Map
Closed: Monday


5. Soba Dining Nagomi


A stylish, hole in the wall soba restaurant in Kagurazaka with a theme of “comfort by food”.

Their jyuwari soba that uses 100% domestically made buckwheat flour and their original soba that uses silk or red rice instead of flour is completely enjoyable for each of their unique textures and flavors. We recommend you to try the gluten-free jyuwari soba or the “ni-shoku soba at 1,100 yen” which a combination plate of 2 colors of silk and red rice.

Their lunch set is a good deal but you want to watch out for the tempura and their side dishes as these dishes are not gluten free.


Area: Kagurazaka, Map
Closed: Monday


6. BROOK’s Green Café

Here you can enjoy sandwiches made of rice flour, menus that use abundant organic vegetables, desserts such as baked snacks and chiffon cake of 100% rice flour, organically grown coffee, tea, herb teas and smoothies.

There is a lot of greenery in the spacious area between the 2 floors on the ground level and basement level. The design and aesthetics are excellent. It’s a little oasis in the city, a relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku.

Area: Harajuku, Meiji Jingumae, Map
Open 7 days a week


7. Natural Cream Kitchen

They have focused on beauty and refrain from using flour, white sugar and additives in any of their menus making it a café that offers foods that is gentle on the body.

Their most popular item is the 50 cm roll cake, the “50 Roll”. 100% rice flour is used in the batter. Their plain whip crème uses koji amazake (non-alcoholic sweet drink made from fermented rice). Customers are able to specify the size of the cake they want and it is cut to order.


Area: Omotesando, Meiji Jingumae, Map
Closed: Irregular holidays



This is a small desserts shop that focuses on ice creams and soft drinks by BROWN SUGAR 1ST. They select their ingredients based on whether it is safe enough they would let their own children eat it.

It is a store that focuses more on veganism and allergies rather than on gluten-free diet, but we would like to take the opportunity to introduce them as you can buy the popular ingredient, coconut oil here.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The extra virgin coconut oil organically certified by the USDA is a popular product that can be purchased at major department stores in Japan.

Area: Meiji Jingumae, Map
Closed: Irregular holidays


9. National Azabu Supermarket

It is a store that offers many imported foods but they offer many foods that are also organic, vegan or gluten free. They also offer the gluten free fresh pasta that uses soy flour from Hokkaido; soico “Soy Pasta”. Information: Map

Characteristics of soico “Soy Pasta”


 – Rich in fibers
 – Have beauty benefits of iso flavone
 – Low calories, low GI
 – Cooking time of 30 seconds
 – Only soy is used out of 27 items on the list of specified ingredients containing allergens
 – Manufactured in factories flour or eggs have not been introduced

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