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4 Cheap Supermarkets To Make Use of in Tokyo!

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You can find many kinds of supermarkets in Tokyo, but this recommendation gives you a list of cheap supermarkets, where you can get your groceries for much cheaper price. The supermarkets listed in this recommendation fulfilled both criterias; low price and decent quality! Visit one of these supermarkets and save your yen bills!


1. OK Store

OK-StoreImage Source: URL

OK Store is a discount supermarket that has many branches in Tokyo that offers cheap products. Don’t forget to register yourself as a member of the OK Store, as you will get another 3% discount from your entire purchase!

OK Store offers weekly discounts on specific products. Make sure that you put your eyes on the products that have the 50% discounts, as you will get 53% discount in total.

I recommend you to buy the condiments, food supplies, and convenience goods at OK Store since the price is very low.


2. Niku No Hanamasa

Niku-no-HanamasaImage Source: Akibamap

If you want to get some good imported meats such as American or Australian Beef, I would recommend you to visit Niku No Hanamasa. Hanamasa is a grocery store that offers you plenty kind of meats with cheaper price, especially if you’re buying them in bulk!

The price of the meat that Hanamasa offers is way cheaper than what the other supermarkets offer, and the quality of the meats is good. Hanamasa also sells many kinds of frozen foods or pre-cooked meats at low prices, which is very good as ingredients for your lunch box!

You can also buy vegetables, fruits, and condiments at Hanamasa, but I will suggest you to buy meats and frozen foods here for their decent quality.


3. Costco


If you are from the United States, you are sure to be very familiar with Costco. Costco is a membership only wholesale store that sells groceries in bulk at very cheap prices.

You can buy groceries such as cleaning supplies, condiments, dry foods, and meat in bulk at Costco stores, which also have a good line of American and imported products in the stores.

I would recommend you to visit Costco stores if you have a car or you have someone who can drive you to the stores since Costco stores are not located in Tokyo. The closest Costco branches to Tokyo are in Makuhari, Chiba and Kawasaki, Kanagawa, so transporting by car is recommended.


4. Don Quixote (Donki)

Don-QuixoteImage Source: Flickr

Don Quixote or Donki, is not a supermarket, but it is a great place to pick up some cheap groceries, house hold items, beauty products, and hair care products. You can find Donki’s branches across Tokyo and Japan, which means that you can find Donki easier than the other supermarkets.

I will not recommend you to buy the fresh foods at Donki, instead you can buy the dried or frozen foods there. The beauty products and hair care products are cheaper than most drug stores, and sometimes you can buy cheaper electronic products and simple clothes at Donki too.


5. YaMaYa

YaMaYaImage Source:

YaMaYa is not a supermarket, but it’s definitely the place where you can find booze for your crazy party for a much cheaper price. You can find both, the nastiest and the nicest booze here, as well as the cheapest to the most expensive one here.

You can also get muesli, cheese, and other European delicatessen at YaMaYa at reasonable prices. Indeed, YaMaYa is the place where you can find the cheapest imported chocolate, fruit juice, cheese, condiments, canned foods, and Italian food ingredients. You can also find many different kinds of Shochuu (焼酎)and Japanese Sake (日本酒)at YaMaYa!

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