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One of the Largest Shopping Malls in Japan: AEON Lake Town in Koshigaya, Saitama

Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture is a Tokyo suburb. Though it is only about 30 minutes away by train from the Tokyo Metropolitan area, it is an attractive city, being comfortable to live and blessed with nature. This city has “AEON Lake Town”, one of the largest shopping malls in Japan, which is famous across the nation.


What is the AEON Lake Town Like?

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It opened in 2008, and it is operated and managed by AEON Mall Co, Ltd.

There are over 700 stores in the mall that spreads over a total of 180,000㎡in leasable area including the Lake Town OUTLET added in 2011. It has become a popular place and over 50 million people visit there per year.

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In 2015, a large-scale renovation was undertaken not only on the facilities but also on its environment. It aimed to increase its ability to attract people with a concept that it is eco-friendly as well as comfortable for people. 

Having said that, let us introduce a few attractive points of the AEON Lake Town.


Charm #1: Bringing Together More Than 700 Stores in a Wide Variety

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The mall is divided into two areas, “kaze (wind)” and “mori (forest)”, and there are various facilities such as stores, food services, movie theaters, etc. Together with the Lake Town OUTLET annex, the mall contains well over 700 stores and facilities, and you cannot possibly look at everything in one day at this size.

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With fashion and designer brand stores as its core, there are stores for gadgets, furniture and home interior, sporting goods, books, home appliances and other electrical supplies. There are also food courts, cafés, restaurants, a supermarket, amusement facility and multiplex movie theater. There are so many different types of stores that it may be better to plan in advance and narrow down the stores to visit to some extent.


Charm #2: Mall Plan is Considerate for Both Shoppers and Environment

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Once you enter the mall with over 700 stores, you would expect a considerable walk in this large place. It is a common story in AEON Lake Town that people end up getting exhausted with heavy legs and sore feet, after wandering from one store to another before realizing it.

But the AEON Lake Town is a facility developed with a concept to be comfortable for both people and nature. Shopper’s fatigue is anticipated; there are comfortable rest areas strategically placed here and there in the building, and you can easily shop including small breaks. You can probably go around the mall easily with much less fatigue than you would expect based on the scale of the mall and the number of stores.

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Furthermore, all the facilities of the mall have adopted the universal design, with common key words of “walkable”, “universal (accessible for everyone)”, and “community”. For example, toilets are equipped with universal seats; there are spaces where you can nurse babies or change diapers, or parking spaces for the handicapped. The facilities and services are designed with all shoppers in mind, and you can experience comfort and ease that are different from what you might feel in other malls.

Also one of the charms of the AEON Lake Town is that this mall has adopted an eco-friendly system designed to reduce environmental burden. Buildings have solar panels and living walls installed. It has the first hybrid gas ecosystem in Japan that can radically reduce CO2 emission. Furthermore, it is proudly the first domestic commercial facility equipped with rapid-charging electric stations for electric vehicles.

This mall has such a thoroughly considerate design not only for people but also for the environment and it is one of its characteristics and strong appeals.


Charm #3: Access is Fabulous with Its Own Rail Station

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There are many ways to get to the AEON Lake Town, but the most convenient way is by train and get off at the Koshigaya Lake Town Station of JR Musashino Line. As you can see from the station’s name, it is right in front of the AEON Lake Town. So once you get off the train and exit the station, you can immediately step into the Lake Town Mall.

However, the station is right next to the kaze area, so if you would like to go to the mori area further ahead, it will be quite a walk. When you have just arrived, you are excited and energetic, wishing to visit many stores. But once you are done with your tour in the mori area, it will be a burden to go back to the station. When you encounter such a problem, there is an offer of free shuttle service that runs between the mori area and the station. We suggest you use this when going back to the station.


As we have explained, the AEON Lake Town is one of the largest shopping malls in Japan, and it is perfect for shopping and sightseeing. And this place is not just a super large shopping mall. Its design and services are unique and they have pursued the ideal of comfort for visitors while reducing environmental burdens. We would like you to pay attention to this suburban super mall’s facilities as well, which are a little different from malls in the center of Tokyo.

Some places are expected to be highly congested on weekends and holidays. If you are planning to visit, we would recommend you to check out the website in advance on the stores and other information you are interested in. Information: Official WebsiteMap

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