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J-League is Now On FIFA 17: Enjoy the Japanese Professional Soccer League

The Japanese professional soccer league “J-League” has finally appeared as one of the playable leagues in “FIFA17”, the latest “FIFA” (EA Sports) series of the world’s popular soccer video game. Fans, with Asian fans in particular, were anticipating the appearance of the J-League but due to the contractual issues it wasn’t realized until now. This can be said that it’s a fulfillment of their long awaited wish.

Japanese soccer is growing rapidly these years and many famous players including Shinji Okazaki who is playing in Leicester City which is a champion in England; Shinji Kagawa, a playmaker playing in famous Borussia Dortmund of Germany; Yuto Nagatomo, a permanent defender playing in prestigious Internazionale Milano of Italy as well as Keisuke Honda who has a uniform number 10 in AC Milan of Italy; are playing active roles in Europe. They all grew up through experiences in the J-League and moved onto the European stage.

This summer, Arsenal, a prestigious team in England, has acquired Takuma Asano (21 years old, was a representative of Japan for Rio de Janeiro Olympic), a promising young player of famous Sanfrecce Hiroshima which is a champion of J-League and won third place in the FIFA Club World Cup 2015. It is said that the great commander Arsene Wenger directly designated Takuma Asano for his speed that matches with Theo Walcott, a representative of England who belongs to the same Arsenal as well as for his techniques that mirror Eden Hazard, a representative of Belgium who belongs to Chelsea, a prestigious team in England.

Other than Asano, Hiroshi Kiyotake who was playing in Hannover 96, a veteran team in Germany, last season, has transferred to Sevilla, a famous team in Spain that has won the UEFA Europa League three consecutive times, and inherited the uniform number 10 from that famous Diego Maradona. Additionally, Hiroki Asano who was also playing in Hannover 96 last season has transferred to Olympique de Marseille, an unwavering prestigious team in France, advancing successfully to the next step.

Not only Japanese people but players from overseas are also going out from J-League to the world. In June of this year, Hulk, a Brazilian, was transferred to Shanghai Hong Kong of China with a transfer fee of 6.3 billion JPY. He played in J-League from when he was 18 to 21 and then transferred to FC Porto, a prestigious team in Portugal, and earned his unwavering position in Europe. He has been selected as a representative of Brazil since 2009 and he is still forming a powerful offensive line with Neymar boasting the world’s strongest destructive power. 

Among players in the current J-League, many new stars are stimulating each other while waiting for their chance to shine. Please do see how young representatives of Japan play in Rio de Janeiro Olympics which will start this August, and try playing FIFA17 which will be released in September with teams from J-League. You may be able to find a new future star in soccer world before anyone. 

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I am a Japanese male whose reasons to live are studying Japanese history and watching sports. I currently live outside of Japan, but would like to share the realizations I have had about Japan from spending my days living outside of the country.

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